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Discussion in 'Internal Martial Arts' started by kungfucat, Jul 4, 2003.

  1. buyao

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    don't know about the fair handsome bit!??

    but I did speak to you at the bus stop.

    thanks, just wondering:)
  2. nzric

    nzric on lookout for bad guys

    Syd: remember what we talked about the other Sunday - I think you're right. 47 posts and 43 have been in the same thread.
  3. SanYuan

    SanYuan New Member

    Oh no nzric, empty does not mean stupid! Dao does not mean easy. You think i need proof, it's you who wants proof, i'm quite satisfied with what i know. For you i think the most comfortable thing i could say is there is no such thing as Dao, there is no such thing as 'empty'. Sweet dreams :)

    pandajelly, i wish you very good luck with your practice, Bing teaches very well, i should leave any corrections up to him :)
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  4. pandajelly

    pandajelly New Member

    Heh he, did you get my email ?
    Hey, in this forum please be careful what you say about what we learn in class. Here I feel like I'm in the 15th Century telling people "But the world's NOT FLAT " and all these " knowing" wiseman want to burn me at the stake !
  5. pandajelly

    pandajelly New Member

    If I wasn't convinced u r a nice but misguided guy I wd respond with equal acrimony . But I will not.

    Your continued failure to even break the surface of understanding lies in your inablilty to think outside the square. You are imposing Western values, western standards , western view points on an Eastern way. It's called "blinded by ethnocentricity"
    Your mentality is shaped by Western philosophy, which in many ways is different to Eastern Philosophy ( Daoism)
    Hence your inability to comprehend.

    You assume everything needs to be proven clinically before it can be accept it as fact. You assume everything is motivated by money. Master Bing has nothing , read NOTHING to prove to people like you. He doesn't need your approval. He gets NO BENEFIT from proving himself right to you. Give the prize money to orphans ? Is that a guilt trip you're pulling ? Your limited frog-in-the-well mentality leads you to think money is the only way to help orphans. I dont recall me, Master Bing or his senior student applying for sainthood or altruist of the year award. We are here to lead quiet happy Daoist long long long lives, minding our own business, helping those that COME TO US SEEKING help, but not going out of our way to help ignorant people. Remember , Daoism is NOT A RELIGION. We dont earn our salvation thru good deeds.
    Please tell me how Master Bing will benfit from your dare ?

    He has no wish to conquer the world or lead a new Renaissance like movement.

    Like I said " When the student is ready, his teacher will appear"
  6. pandajelly

    pandajelly New Member

    OK it's now 49 posts, with 45 in the same thread.

    True to self, I'm focussed but you seem a little anal ( retentive) to even fuss over such counting.

    Those who SEEK the trees will not SEE the forest.
    Those who SEEK the sand will not SEE the beach.

  7. pandajelly

    pandajelly New Member

    Some Daoist advice 4 nzric

    Trying to understand, seeking proof is EFFORT
    Instead relax, let go, LET it happen is EFFORTLESS
    A good example of "Trying to hard"
    Less is More
  8. soggycat

    soggycat Valued Member

    Another Light bulb Joke

    Q:How many Park TaiChi boys do you need to change a light bulb?

    At least 10.
    1 to hold the bulb
    9 to rotate the room

    ie. doing it the hard way and STRUGGLE

    nzric, by the way, I think the making the light bulb glow with Chi was not meant to be serious, as seems to be the case in your challenge to Beng.
    \Or is it ?
  9. nzric

    nzric on lookout for bad guys

    Ok, I'll put it simply because you don't seem to understand me.

    Sifu Bing goes to a building in the morning. He signs a couple of forms to say he won't use trickery, then he is given a brand new lightbulb. He sits in a chair in front of a camcorder and some people with clipboards and uses his chi power to make it light up (with or without touching it).


    The nice folks at agree that it's all legit, and they have witnessed an event that can't be explained using western scientific reasoning. Sifu Bing goes into another room where he signs a couple of papers, gives his bank details and a transfer of $1,000,000 is approved.

    Sifu Bing walks out of the building and goes to the nearest bank. He approves a transfer of the $1,000,000 into the account of Oxfam, Red Cross, Medecins Sans Frontiers, UNICEF, USAID, Care, Save the Children, World Vision, Handicap International or Amnesty International.

    His job is done. It takes less than one morning of altruism in his Daoist life.

    I repeat - I'm NOT saying he will benefit, I know he wouldn't care to. I'm saying he would save thousands of innocent people a painful death - those are the ones who would benefit.

    The receiving NGO takes the money and spends it on $1,000,000 worth of generic pharmaceuticals from India ... maybe malaria treatment, meningitis vaccinations, typhoid/pneumonia research, tetanus shots... This is sent to third world countries and directly contributes to saving the lives and drastically improving the health of thousands of individuals.

    No, money is not the only way to help orphans, but money is the best way to give medicine to a child who would otherwise die next month from whooping cough.

    Is it a guilt trip - if Master Bing is what he says he is, you're d*** right it is, and it should be.

    Yes, I'm accepting western science can be blind. That is the purpose of the $1,000,000 offer (and the rationality that to expand human knowledge with the proof of psychic events is worth much more to humankind than $1,000,000).

    I don't need to prove everything has to be clinically proven to be accepted as fact - I'm saying it has to be clinically proven to earn $1,000,000 (and save the orphans). You have given an easy example of how this could be achieved (the lightbulb thing), and I have shown how in a couple of hours, Master Bing could stop thousands of babies dying in their own filth.

    I think that is fairly straightforward.
  10. nzric

    nzric on lookout for bad guys

    Ok - if your lightbulb thing wasn't to be taken seriously, replace "demonstrate empty force". IMHO - empty force is as real as making a lightbulb light up with your mind... if you believe in the former, it's not a small step to assume you would literally believe the latter.

    How about making a feather/wooden block move without touching it.

    Does it have to be living? How about causing a measurable effect on someone's body from a distance. How about a volunteer in the next room/behind glass.

    How about measuring the forces acting on someone then getting Sifu Bing to blast him with empty force. Make it one of you guys because us non-IMA guys can't handle the strain. According to physics, the energy comes from somewhere so if you can show the energy didn't come from the volunteer's muscular action, it's clear evidence of empty force. A set of scales and some physiologists looking at a slow-motion replay should be enough evidence.
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  11. Azrael

    Azrael Fighting Spirit

    pandajelly: How old are you if you do not mind me asking? I'm only quite young myself.
  12. pandajelly

    pandajelly New Member

    In the above ,I've just highlighted the crux , the barrier to your mindblock.

    Altruism is not a primary Daoist virtue.
    But measured kindness is.

    Secondly, how does he gain from saving all those lives ?
    In the Cost Vs Benefit relationship analysis,
    would it cost him too much energy, disturb his stillness, stress him with too much strenous effort to save all those lives ?
    All practicising Daoists aim to conserve thier energy , in order to ensure longevity.
    Why should he shorten his life to save others?
    WHY ? WHY? WHY ?
    He might if they are closefriends or family.

    Daoists follow the laws of Nature, work with Nature and live in Harmony with Nature.
    Birth ,Life Death and destruction are part of the natural cycle ...earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, droughts, heat and cold, lightning.
    A Daoist aims to live in harmony with these forces, and sometimes you have to let some die in order that others will live.
    Not right or wrong, just the way nature is.

    I read your profile,you're the Save-the world, give-my-left-kidney, my -last-penny-to-a-stranger , tree hugging, champion of-the-suffering do gooder. That's fine.
    But it is from that perspective, you will find the Daoist way of kindness , quite different and hard to understand.

    Like I said, Daoist are not trying to earn their way to heaven.
    Keep that in mind and it will help you understand the Dao ( assuming you want to)

    Panda wisdom: If you use only Binoculars , you'll never see Pluto
  13. SanYuan

    SanYuan New Member

    Maybe money can buy you Mr nzric, but it seems money can't buy everyone :)
  14. pandajelly

    pandajelly New Member

    Chuckles, such "demos' happen almost weekly.
    Our jaws no longer drop.
    But Master Bing will only do it to senoir students, trained enuff to "handle" it. ( note:I said "trained enuff", not "strong enuff" )

    On a novice even like moi, it is a bit dangerous and serious internal injuries, Qi blockages requiring months of treatment might ensue.

    Again you are using Western science to measure a pheonomena unknown to the West.
    Hey, heard of the Geiger Counter?
    It 's a device used to measure/ detect the presence of Radioactivity. Invented some 100 years ago in the course of scientific research into Radioactive phenomena, cutting edge stuff of that day.

    According yo your argument, Radioactivity, Radium, Plutonium etc did not exist before the Geiger Counter was invented, because it's presence could not be detected or measured.
    ( By the way, I can make this statement because I have a degree in Radiation Physics from a western University. Not bragging otherwise.)

    By the way, did you do a genetic test to prove that your Biological parents are truly them ? Or did you just believe them, because it felt so natural to have grown up in their presence?
    What? No scientific test ?
    And you just put you BLIND faith in their word ?
    Hope you get the point.
    Peace brother !

  15. pandajelly

    pandajelly New Member

    My age ?

    You seem young in body but not in mind.
    Me, I'm an old f*a*r*t... but quite immature in mind ( can't you tell)
    Hey, Daoists aim to turn back the clock and revert to pre-Birth state to ensure long long long lives.

    Are you interested in Immortality?
    If so you might like to research " Lu Dong Bin" and please research beyond the myth.

    OK, the rest of you, except SanYuan, Bayou , theaustralian1 can pick yourselves up from the floor.

    Interestingly, the Bible also says "No man can enter the gates of heaven unless he has the heart of a child" .....hmmmmm interesting parallel.

  16. pandajelly

    pandajelly New Member

    I keep forgetting to mention this;

    Master Bing does the Million dollar test and proven authentic.
    He donates prize to needy.
    He becomes famous.
    Face all over CNN.
    Admirers, freaks, Men in black suits camp out side his home.
    No privacy.
    Family in danger
    Cant meditate and lead quiet stressless life

    Master Bing does the Million dollar test is is proven authentic.
    Become famous.
    Skeptics say " Show us more'
    That test wasn't done by us.
    You were "lucky"
    More test .More stress.
    No not enuff, show us more and more, how about this?and that.
    Does it work on an elephant?
    How about a whale ?
    Can we Xray your brain?
    A sample of your blood?
    Can we stick some electrodes and examine youe ECG, EEG, EMG?
    MRI perhaps
    Can we interview your friend, family teachers?
    Are you into Witchcraft ?

    Master Bing does the Million dollar test is is proven authentic.
    and achieves fame
    Oprah wants to interview.
    ROVE does the ultimate " WHAT THE ?"
    Local police will want to recruit him
    CIA come knocking "Teach us how to kill with this Empty Force "
    Al Qaeda makes him a better offer, " Teach us or we'll kill your family"

    How will he be able to live a simple life of a publicity shy Daoist with minimum stress necessary for a Daoist to ensure longevity?
    Benefit Versus Cost
  17. pandajelly

    pandajelly New Member

  18. Azrael

    Azrael Fighting Spirit

    pandajelly: You know what? I was halfway through writting what would have been a very large and somewhat stinging reply, when I asked myself, 'why bother'?

    This whole thread is nothing but one big advertising campaign for your school, teacher, and ego.

    Quite seriously, I pray we never meet, as you and I have absolutely nothing in common, in any way shape or form. In fact, I am ecstatic that you refused the offer to train with whoever at the park, because it saves me the trouble of having to avoid you on a weekly basis.

    Kat, Syd & Nzric: Looking forward to hooking up with you guys, probably not this week, but hopefully the next. Grandmaster Ma taught us some really nice chin na techniques, which I am sure you guys will really enjoy. I just hope I can remember them fully. Also, I hope yall don't mind, but one of my fellow Yang Mian brothers (only new to it though), who is funnily enough an ex student of Bing Zhao's, is interested in coming along, as is my friend who does Japanese Jujutsu. Would that be cool with you guys?

    EVERYBODY: Unless you are interested in marketing, lol, my advice would be to stop posting to this thread, as it is going nowhere fast. It contains nothing of any value, nor does it hold wise or even qualified information of any sort. Eventually it will get so big from pandajelly's replies to himself, that MAP will be forced to take action and delete it, and at the rate that he has been going, it should not take all that long.
  19. Syd

    Syd 1/2 Dan in Origami


    Mate, I've held my tongue for this very reason. What is there left to say in the face of extreme narcissicism? ... not much.

    Bring whoever my friend, I was looking into JJJ recently and opted for Judo as a supplement but have a minor injury which will have me away from training for a couple of weeks. Hopefully by then I can make it and it would be great to meet yourself and co, whoever they may be. I am keen to learn from everybody.

    Best as ever, Syd :)

    Oh, how many narcissists does it take to change a light bulb?

    What light bulb? They're too busy looking in the mirror.

    Ba boom cha!
  20. theaustralian

    theaustralian New Member


    "It contains nothing of any value, nor does it hold wise or even qualified information of any sort"

    Have you been reding any posts by SanYaun? i think there is more wisdom in any one of his sentences then in all your posts combined!

    You seem to have the wrong mindset for IMA maybe its a good thing you have decided to leave this thread.


    "Rove gets the ultimate what the?"

    Good one :D

    IMO what bing teaches is whatever you wish to call it is very anti stress/Anti struggle. This tread is not anything like that, to those of u in bings class see u soon:) to others in this thread in general i think this is one topic that you dont get convinced on without seeing it or feeling it for yourself thats why i feel this thread is going nowhere i hope some of you can learn to veiw things from other perspectives and YES there is a way to disagree without being overly critical! SOME of u should try it.


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