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    "stop being a whiney little *******" :D

    Pretty interesting signature :rolleyes:

    Thank you for the information. I feel this has been kicked around plenty for now.

    I have stated you are like Job, Thanks...

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    Great pic.

    That's a great pic. Thanks for posting.

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    Professor Chow

    Danjo: You are correct, after Professor Chow passed away I did speak to Sijo and asked him his opinion as I have known him for many years. I told him I did not want the mantle as I felt there would be so much controversies and being a positive person I felt this might draw me down and he said that he knew of me for many years and if this is what Professor wanted then for me to withdraw would be not showing respect and that I should take the title and do the best that I can and so I did.
    Grandmaster Kuoha
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    GM Kuoha,

    Thanks for confirming that. As far as I'm concerned, if Patsy Chow, Dr. Perry, and Sijo all say you're the rightful successor, then that settles it for me.


    Dan Weston
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    Jr. Ulanga was not of the Kara-Ho Kempo System and only met Professor Chow as he was a security guard at a local store. He is like many making cliams that has no truth to it at all. He made some comments that got under my skin so I confronted him at his school to see what he had but he told me that he didn't want to go at it, even his students were standing outside with bo's and various weapons. Things like that don't bother me but he still didn't want to take it to the next level even after a challenge (be mindful this was in my younger years, I think I was about 45. But that's okay he was in prison and met my 1st cousin who is a Sgt. guard in that prison and benches 550 pounds and they had a good conversation, if you know what I mean. The Kuoha Family is one huge family and they all look out for each other and most of them are not as understanding as I am.

    Tony Villalon was a big Hawaiian that fought full contact Thai fights and won them all. He joined us after the death of Professor Chow. He was a friend of Professor Chow but did not train in Kara-Ho until after his death. He was my bodyguard and traveled with me on some of my travels here to important meetings. He was a good person but passed away recently at a very young age of diabetes. He is missed dearly.

    Steven Chow is actually Professor Chow's only son, but is a drug addict and has been for many years. In 1983 he came here to California with me to try to rehibilitate him and he did well for 3 months but went back to the same things when he went home to Hawaii. He was a black belt in a Japanese system but did not train with his father. They never got along and he would even beat up his mother, probably a major problem was with the drugs. After the death of Professor Chow at a meeting, Steven wanted to have Dr. Perry promote me to my 10th dan if I would promote him to 9th. I refused as he never got a job, had no respect for anyone, drug addict and at this meeting I observed bruises on Patsy Chow's face but she kept telling me that she fell. She went walking with my wife and later on after we went back to the hotel, my wife told me that Patsy told her that Steven pounded her with the shoe because he wanted money. Patsy told my wife not to tell me till we were alone as she didn't want me to fight with Steven. This is the real story as even when Patsy was in a private home after the death of Professor Chow, I knew the owner and caretaker very well and she told me that Steven would come in and yell at her and grab her but they would call the police and he would take off.
    Grandmaster Kuoha
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    GM Kuoha

    Thank you for stopping by and addressing these various questions and giving us answers for them.

    This is what the boards truly need. It is appreciated.

    Gary A. Brewer
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    Sid Asuncion

    I am sorry to hear of Sid's passing, he had a lifetime influance on me, I studied under him in 1970 and 1971 at a whare house at the Marine Barraks Barbers Point US Navel Air station. He was always willing to answer my questions and would explain why we learned what we did and translate the names of moves of other schools and show us there weekneses so we could defend against them untill the moment to attack. Even though I did not go on, onced beeing shiped back to thr states in kajekenbo, what I learned about, timing, balance, observation center of gravity and about some of his eary history as a boy, and his culture which was a real eye opener for a 18 year old Marine from the far north woods of upper Michigan, Has always stayed with me. He once told me you may not understand all I have taught but, as you grow older some day it will come to you. IT was true, and this is why I always consider him my mentor even though I never saw him again. PS He also had a Great relationship with the USMC, because of a history as a young man but did not suffer fools.
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    Sid Asuncion

    Thanks bperron, and others for some informative posts! :)

    Any other stories and Information about Sid Asuncion, his methods & Teachings, etc (and not Kaju politics please) much appreciated and interested

    Many Thanks!

    Cheers :)
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  10. 5thBrother

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    Has anyone here actually Trained Under (student of) or Next to (student next to Mr Asuncion) and would like to share some info/memories?

    Who was Mr Asuncion's main Teacher? Mr Emperado?

    Thanks :)
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    If memory serves me correctly the first time i heard stories of Sid Asuncion was when Sal (Salvador) Ebanez (Goju-Kai) shared some of them via interviews and teachings .... I beleif one was Sid's awsome Pheonix Eye Fist strikes? I belief this isnt a strike of Kajukenbo? So i wonder where did Mr Asuncion learn these kinda strikes? *my memory could be TOTALLY OFF on this, but i even -think- there was mention that Mr Asuncion (as a Police Offcer/MP/Marine Police???) Killed a man with his Pheonix Eye Fist Strike in Hawaii? - as i type this... i find it hard to belief... I thinkI may be totally wrong... also something about a coin tied into a hankerchief for use as a weapon ( i know this is true..) ...

    it's most likely i have got the pheonix eye fists part .. totally stuffed up .. but any info n stories most welcome... also photos etc maybe even video these days of Sid Asuncion

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    You would get the most accurate information from some of Sid's 1st generation students. Many of them are still around. Men like Al Dacascos, Al DelaCruz, Sixto Ramos Jr, Alan Carter, etc.
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    I was doing a name search and came across your post...

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    John Bishop:

    I would like to ask that you show a little respect toward Grandmaster Kam and should hope that the last three years have taught you that bashing others is inappropriate.

    Given Grandmaster Chow’s desire to keep his location and training little known in the later years, I hardly think that you have a right to make such a claim since you were not there yourself. If someone that trained with Vernon wishes to make such a claim, they should contact him themselves, rather than simply posting such on a forum where he may not see it to defend himself- which obviously he hasn't seen this or someone would have said something. To permanently tie someone's name to something like this when it is downright untrue is an ultimate form of disrespect.

    Like a USA Today columnist it appears that you are more inclined to find something “worth listening to” than to speak the truth.

    It is funny… you claim that he was a low ranking student; yet he consistently receives the respect and commitment from his students that he deserves. Firstly, how could he promote people who are good at what they do if he did not know what he is teaching? And why would the sensei that he works with choose to continue to work with him (someone who was not trained under him) if he did not feel that Grandmaster Kam was deserving of his title?

    Perhaps if you actually took initiative and came as a guest to one of his classes, you might see what an excellent martial artist he is.

    Shame on you.

    Martial arts are so much more than just learning how to fight.

    I should think by now you would have learned respect for others or at least to care how your words affect others.

    I have never heard of you, but I do not choose to trash your name.

    The only reason I am bothering to respond is because your blatant disrespect is appalling to me.

    As someone striving to advance in Buddhism rarely do I feel upset, but it is utterly frustrating to come across someone who goes out of their way to make others feel bad. Life is too short for this kind of nonsense.
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    So is Kam your father or boyfriend?
  16. kwing1009

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    Neither. Though as Grandmaster Chow liked to say, the people we train under/with are like family.

    He is my teacher.
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    Ah so. So you didn't train with Prof. Chow yourself and you believe it when he says that he did. Sigh. Vernon Kam never trained with Chow as far as I can tell. Perhaps you or he can provide us with some proof? No one is going to buy the whole "Chow trained people secretly" nonsense.
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    My point has already been made.

    Vernon Kam has already had people vouch for him, something I am _sure_ that you are aware of. I am aware that your purpose for these threads is to get people riled up, and I am not buying into it. My purpose for responding is mainly because I believe that if you are going to leave a paper trail of false accusations, someone should state the truth so that perhaps an interested reader would be more inclined to find out for themselves than to blindly believe what they read.

    Regardless, why should I not believe my teacher? I have fared well in every tournament I have entered and continue to progress with time.

    Words aside, his actions maintain my confidence in him and his word.
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    Who has vouched for him?
  20. kwing1009

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    Frank Ordonez and Jason Groff are promoting him to Grandmaster.

    They are aware of who vouched for him.

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