Shoulder mobility exercises.

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    I hurt my shoulder pretty bad about 15 years ago. Torn Labrum. The two things that helped the most during my recovery was stretching and working with exercise bands. With stretching you can try having someone you trust help move your arm through all the natural ranges of motion all the way to your point that it starts getting too painful to continue. Doing that every day really helped me gain back my normal mobility. If you can get your hands on an exercise band there are a few helpful exercises to do using the band with one end tied to a door ****. You stand a couple feet back from the door with the door **** straight in front of your bad arm. Then you can grab the loose end of the band and while keeping your arm straight and moving slowly lift all the way up for several reps, all the way down for several reps, and out to the side for several reps. Next one is with a bent arm. Keep the elbow in close to the ribs and swing the arm out to the side. Go as far as you can go with all of them. Hopefully you will find something that works for you. Good luck and I hope you have a full recovery.
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