Should guns be outlawed?

Discussion in 'Weapons' started by Adam, Jun 20, 2003.


Should guns be outlawed?

  1. Guns should be outlawed

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  2. Guns should be legal

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  1. KuKulzA

    KuKulzA Taiwanese independence!

    youknow... just as some people illegally acquire guns which are illegal like machine guns... what stops a fearful person who is desperate and insecure from illegally getting a zombie body guard? And worse... what if that zombie was competent at shooting or martial arts... of course with illegally acquired weapons?

    also, if a zombie killed someone.... thats a dead person killing a living one.... could there be charges against the zombie? and if so... should the zombie testify in court?

    yeah I definitely agree...
  2. Lame Leopard

    Lame Leopard Valued Member

    Years ago I worked with this criminal type straight out of central casting. I mean he was the hide behind a trash can Neanderthal with an IQ of 70 on the high side. He definately believed in gun control. He said he would feel a lot safer when he broke into your house. :woo:
  3. KuKulzA

    KuKulzA Taiwanese independence!

    wow... like a zombie....
    that's funny... but also very smart... :eek:
    cause first then most folks won't have guns, and second if he was intent on breakins he'd get a gun and be one of the few in the area with a gun and a neanderthal-behind-the-trash-can IQ of 70 on the high side...
    I believe zombies have an IQ of .2 but when in large groups their communal instincts give them a .79999 boost... but they still don't get an IQ of 1, not quite ;)
  4. Lame Leopard

    Lame Leopard Valued Member

    Big smile on my face. :)
  5. Stolenbjorn

    Stolenbjorn Valued Member

    ..And he is right, you know! This is how we do things in Norway; we don't have guns in our houses (well, we haver huntingrifles, but nobody considers using them on the burlgerars, because then WE would end up 7 years in prison...

    anyway... becasuse the thieves don't risk encountering a ****ed off grandma with a desert eagle, he doesn't carry a piece either.. So it's actually much safer to be robbed in Norway as well... Everybody safe = everybody happy!

    Back to the main topic, though: Can a Zombie testify in court... Well, as he's not only dead but allso illegal, I don't know. In Norway, criminals do testify, but illegal guns don't. I guess if zombies have an IQ of 2, they're not likely to lie, the problem is rather... do they understand the loyers questions :bang:
  6. Langenschwert

    Langenschwert Molon Labe

    Zombies make everything better. Also in that group are Giant Robots and Pirates. :)

  7. Lame Leopard

    Lame Leopard Valued Member

    And he is right, you know! This is how we do things in Norway; we don't have guns in our houses (well, we haver huntingrifles, but nobody considers using them on the burlgerars, because then WE would end up 7 years in prison...

    anyway... becasuse the thieves don't risk encountering a ****ed off grandma with a desert eagle, he doesn't carry a piece either.. So it's actually much safer to be robbed in Norway as well... Everybody safe = everybody happy!

    Comparisons to Norway, Japan, and Switzerland are about as apples and oranges as it gets. A much more valid comparison would be to Brazil. The issues in certain countries are much different than the ones we face.
  8. Stolenbjorn

    Stolenbjorn Valued Member

    That was the conclution on this thread some 12 pages ago as well, and that's why it's much more fun to mix zombies into the fray!
  9. KuKulzA

    KuKulzA Taiwanese independence!

    wait... then what happens in Norway if a zombie (or zombies) is/are used in a break-in?
    So who is responsible? the breaker-in with an IQ ranging from .1 to 2 or the deviously dastardly criminal who acquired the illegal and dead zombies (the only kind as far as we know) for equall dastardly and devious sources...?
  10. Shae

    Shae Valued Member

    New Neiman Marcus Gift Idea

    New from Neiman Marcus gift catalog

    Hummer with turret for the serious driver, comes with 50 claiber side gun, and heat resistant missiles.

    $200,000 Show them who's boss, get the Taliban out of your system, fix that broken Coke machine, out of your Dress Size at Barney's, show them who who's in town.
  11. Stolenbjorn

    Stolenbjorn Valued Member

    Well, as they probably are illegal in Norway as well, I suppose there's no problem in yanking the .303 elk-rifle of the wall and apply it on the Zombie. Personally I have a sharp (and probably illegal) longsword at home, so I actually hope a zombie would show up one day :Angel:
  12. KuKulzA

    KuKulzA Taiwanese independence!

    and when I train in the chinese broadsword... a dim-witted zombie as a practice wouldn't be bad... just hack it up on someone else's yard ;) so i guess we can conclude that zombies, if against well armed folks with guns or hand-to-hand weaponry that are good for chopping
  13. Silent_warrior

    Silent_warrior New Member

    Excellent point. I would like to add to it however. If you walk into a bar where everyone knows everyone else is armed, the manners will be better then most fine restraunts. The reason being nobody wants to get shot. Same for the population in general. If I know you have a gun in your house, do I really want to rob it?
    If a gangbanger breaks into my house, yeah, I could stick him with a knife or snap his neck, but if there's more then one I get my ass shot. With a gun, bang bang and they're dead. :woo: Don't say that stuff like that dosen't happen. One of my friends mom was shot because of a gang initiation. They knocked on her door and when she answered it they shot her in the head. Never found the guy. It wasn't solved because they couldn't match the calliber of the gun with any of the suspects known guns. Because either they did a **** poor job at investigating or the guy had gotten his gun illeagally. Like alot of Gangbangers.

    And if there was only one, and he sees me he could still shoot me. It's easier to kill a trained gun owner then a gangbanger Why? Because the idiot will probably have it tucked in his pocket or belt, loaded, and safety off. I could easily stab a trained concealed weapon license holder. Because when I'm about to get shot I can run pretty damn fast, but when they is a guy with a knife running at you he is going to get slopply in getting the gun out, loading it, and aiming. All the gangbanger has to do is whip it out and fire. Because the gun owner is safe, he's easier to kill.

    I live in a gang-infested area.(it's in the US) If you think I'm giving up my guns with these idiots around, your insane. If a gangbanger breaks into my house with a gun you know what I'm going to do? Shoot them in the head that's what. Most crimnals get their guns illeagally. And if they get them legally we know that the suspect has that calliber of gun. If they get them illeagally and they ditch it, we don't.

    Plus what about the Goverment? The nazis were huge supporters of gun control? Why? They didn't want to get their racist asses shot that's why! If every jew had a gun they would have kicked hitlers ass! The jews plus all the other countries would have done the SS in. But they didn't have guns.
    Imagine if a dictator seized power in the US and took away all basic freedoms. They'd have massive casualites on their side even if they had the army if they didn't pass a gun control act. That's why communists support gun control.
  14. Stolenbjorn

    Stolenbjorn Valued Member

    It's ok that you USA'ans discuss gun-laws for your country, and I respect the fact that you might need guns under every pillow in order to sleep at night in USA; as I live in Norway, Europe, where things are a little different, I respect the fact that I should not tell you americans how to live.

    But this stuff about nazies is clearly somthing you don't have a clue about, so I hope you can stick to topics you know about. The jews having guns... wow. First off, they could have had as many guns as they wanted in the 30's, and if even one of them had shot a nazi, that would be the moment Hitler had waited for; a brilliant exuse to wipe them out. But as the jews tryed to behave within the rules imposed on them, hitler had to make up jewish resistance (Burning of the Reichstag) instead. Guns wouldn't have changed anything. The jews in Warsaw, Poland, had guns, and did indeed start a revolt by the end of the war, and it did them no good -other than having the oppertunety to die with their boots on (a wish that I can sympathise with). And before you start acusing me of beeing an anti-gun-person, I'm actually against forbidding guns. But I'm for strict weapon laws (In Norway), where it works brilliantly. The only ones getting shot in Norway are criminals shooting eachother with illegal weapons, and the unlucky family-members of insane men in their 50's with hunting-guns.
  15. Silent_warrior

    Silent_warrior New Member

    Ok there's something I didn't know. I thought that the nazis took the guns from those they conqured. But I guess you living in norway and being closer to germany means that you would have access that information.
  16. KuKulzA

    KuKulzA Taiwanese independence!

    well I can sleep without a gun under my pillow... really depends where you lived though....
    I live in a suburb... but I used to live in a city and man... I watch a kid get beaten up and knifed...
    then some kid who was the guy's friend was gonna go :woo: but the punks drove off...

    and I heard recently in the summer there were several homocides... damn its a good thing my parents worked hard and moved out of their ****y duplex... or I woulda grown up doing that stuff and joining a gang, I know it...
  17. SteelyPhil

    SteelyPhil Messiah of Lovelamb

    dunno if it's been stated as i've only skimmed the huge amount of posts in this thread but, crime is directly related to the amount of guns per person.
    Switzerland has a gun in the hands of every single Male over the age of 21 and they have some of the lowest crime rates per head of any country in the world.
    Guns aren't the issue, the people and society with them are.
  18. PlasmaShock

    PlasmaShock Valued Member

    Its the media, tv, and violence in north america that make guns so dangerous.
  19. pgsmith

    pgsmith Valued dismemberer

    Nope, it's the gradual accumulation of people that were never taught a sense of responsibility and morality. As that segment of the population increases, the number of violent crimes will continue increasing.

    Just for general information though, far more people are killed every year in car accidents than by violence. For that matter, far more people are killed by heart disease in the U.S. than by violence. So should we make a poll that asks if fast food and sitting on your butt watching TV should be outlawed? :D
  20. fifthchamber

    fifthchamber Valued Member

    Eating fast food and sitting on your **** really should be outlawed though...
    For the rest I think your post was spot on...
    Guns are guns, morons are morons and the two should be kept very far apart, although one could argue that the laws surrounding who can buy the guns are far too lax..
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