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  1. ShouShuMan123

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    Sparring is like a cat and mouse game a real fight is full blown all rage, no time to think just react.

    How many street fights have you been in when you both get in a fighting stance? I bet not many most of the time there is yelling then the fist start flying.

    When ever i have done sparring they all turn into the same thing a kick fest.

    Ever move has its time and place where they belong. How are you going to preform rising knee in a sparring match? or the dagger? The moves you can do while sparring arent the same as what would might do while someone is giving you one of those all or nothing punches.

    I never said it was too deadly to sparr, im not the one getting hit in the neck.
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  2. liokault

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    Sadly, your right.

    Sadly while 'street' fighting is not like sparring, its as close as you are going to get to replicating it.

    Dont talk to me about partners throwing 'weapons' at you.....if its free its sparring and if its not then its more or less worthless as a training aid past a certain point (which is arived at very early).
  3. ShouShuMan123

    ShouShuMan123 Valued Member

    I find fighting to be somewhere in between sparring and reaction drills. I still got to say you guys are making fighting more complex then it really is. Why is it wrong if i have my partner make his hand into a ball and swing it at my head? Isnt that what fighting is?

    btw i am a real jedi!
  4. Infrazael

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    Actually I have been hit in the neck with charp choys (panther fist) before, it wasn't 100% and YES YOU CAN DO THEM IN SPARRING.

    What are rising knees and daggers. I always spar with knee techniques, just not knees to the face full on. There is such a thing as PULLING YOUR PUNCHES and NOT GOING 100% which will save you a lot of medical bills in sparring.

    And actually you can do all the techniques in sparring that you can in a real fight. I haven't found ONE technique you cannot do in sparring, no matter how deadly it is. The trick is not to full blast it at your training partner.
  5. ShouShuMan123

    ShouShuMan123 Valued Member

    im not saying the moves are too deadly to use in sparring im simply saying they are used at different times. For instances the move clawing panther. Its used when someone punches through you with a right punch in other words if it was done in the air they would probably fall down after the punch. A person doesnt do that in a sparring match if you did you would lose your advantage by over exposing yourself, but someone who is ****ed and doesnt care would.
  6. Infrazael

    Infrazael Banned Banned

    LOL @ clawing panther.

    So this technique can only be used against a right punch?

    I'm done arguing here, btw ShouShu guy, welcome back to 1985.
  7. ShouShuMan123

    ShouShuMan123 Valued Member

    i dunno? a left punch then? you tell me. and what is the 1985 thing is that when back to the future came out? i love that movie
  8. KageAkuma

    KageAkuma Valued Member

    Hey ShouShuMan123,

    You are way, way too focused on trying to use a technique in a fight and/or sparring. You will never use a technique in a real fight. What a technique teaches you is principal of motion, and then you apply that principal to a fight or sparring match.

    Also, from what you've been saying, I'm gathering you've never trained in a martial art that emphasized "live" sparring? It would be worth your while to go to a local (But good) MMA/BJJ gym (Not the only place to find "live" sparring but tends to be the most common). I'm sure it will help open your eyes.

    Having someone throw a punch with power behind it is all well and good, but you still know what to expect and your partner also knows what to expect (aka, he knows what technique you're going to do to him). This helps you learn the technique, but unless you can extrapolate what the technique is trying to teach you/your body and then apply it to a real fight situation, it won't help you in the street fight world.
  9. ShouShuMan123

    ShouShuMan123 Valued Member

    thats what i was trying to say but i have never been too good at getting my thoughts out on paper. I asked my old instructor about this a long time ago regarding techniques he told me what you just did they are used to show you different ways to use your weapons and such.

    Thanks for the advice. We do, do live sparring but its only on fridays and i tend to miss it. :dunno:
  10. KageAkuma

    KageAkuma Valued Member

    Out of curiousity, what does your school do for "live" sparring?
  11. ShouShuMan123

    ShouShuMan123 Valued Member

    I havent gone in awhile but last i checked they put protective gear and went full speed.
  12. FightingMonk2k3

    FightingMonk2k3 Valued Member

    Was it just the "advanced ranks" that went full speed or did everyone of all ranks go full speed? I am only asking because everyone's full speed is going to be different. Don't get me wrong, going at different speeds helps out a lot in the long run.
  13. ShouShuMan123

    ShouShuMan123 Valued Member


    all levels i image as fast as they can without losing control, or being too weak.
  14. mavericksmom01

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    I wouldn't mind being associated with a Mongoose

    A poster was attempting to infer that because a Mongoose is small and cute - they could not possibly be deadly - you are way of base. They are incredibly fast and agile(able to reach speeds in excess of 35mph - not bad for an 7-20 inch animal with short legs). They use speed, intelligence and agility when fighting Cobras - taunting the snake to strike repeatedly, forcing the snake to tire then they use their lightning fast speed to bite the snake at the base of the skull and snap it's neck. A Mongoose's success rate when going up against a snake is over 90%. As with many other things - looks can be deceiving.
  15. thegreyman

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    Shou Shu=Tracy Kenpo+fancy animal logos. It's not Chinese marital arts... it's Stockton-nese marital arts.
  16. Dan Bian

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    A reply after almost 9 years.

    Well worth it.
  17. thegreyman

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    Glad to bring it alive. I'm always willing to call out Shou Shu and their made up back story.
  18. Rand86

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    You go, brave soul, necroing an almost decade-old thread to call out an art few people around here know about and I'll wager nobody cares. :seriously, we need an eyeroll emote back:

    Are you familiar with a saying "no such thing as bad publicity"?
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  19. thegreyman

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    My greatest accomplishment in 2020 is bringing this thread back.
  20. aaradia

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    :rolleyes::rolleyes: We have one. It was never gone.

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