Shorei Kosho Ryu?

Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by Korpy, May 24, 2007.

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    Martialtalk thread on same subject

    This is the location for the thread I mentioned in an earlier post.

    If you read it, you will fully understand more about the art and those who are involved in it at a higher level. They are very pointed about the whole learning issue of the art.

    One thing that is not mentioned much because it is so apparant, is what does Mitose say, what did Bruce learn in the time frame that Mitose was in jail?

    First there are the numerous books that Bruce wrote and of course what Mitose wrote. Then there is the fact that Mitose mentioned teach whatever you want, but make sure you include my basics of training and the natural laws that are about the folds of the body, and how gravity is your friend :D

    As long as you are in balance that is :p

    Folding of the body is important as well as doing it correct and fast.

    This is a good link to quick folding techniques.

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    More on it from other persons

    Re: Kosho Ryu?


    A key principle in Kosho would also be the use of the Octagon in escaping being the fist thing you do. I like the way Shawn puts it - tactical repositioning. This is not necessarily just for runing away but if you want to hit someone it's better if you first escape from or evade the other person's attack or center. The same applies to blocks & throws as well as getting out of grabs or locks. What's studied is using each angle with attacks from every angle and achieving 90 degree positioning to avoid taking on body mass and create a timing advantage.

    _Don Flatt

    Good stuff...

    I watched a movie last night "Thunderbolt and Lightfoot" Clint Eastwood was doing Kosho in his fight with George Kennedy :D

    I found this interesting:

    I'm not sure when Thomas Young passed on....
    In any case, "historical" in the sense that Kyokushinkai was founded in 1964?
    Jeepers! that makes me feel "dated".......

    In any case, Bruce Juchnik was very definitely "around" "back then", and my Kajukenbo SiFu John Leoning often spoke highly of him.


    John do you know this person, Pete?

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    Gary, when you say stuff like this, it makes me think that Homey The Clown was practicing Kosho.
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    It has been around you all the time and you were not aware, so now you are and will be able to recognize it :D

    Some of those clowns are really fast on their feet. "Drunken boxer" are a good example of the art also.

    Remember how many times I have mentioned look for similarity, it is a two way street Danjo. Since Mitose was the main frame, around "Hawaii" during the time and date of most that came from that location it just makes sense.

    One thing is you cannot pick and choose from whence you came.

    Pretty simple for some, very hard for others.

    So do you know this Pete person?

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    Yes, I know Pete Robinson. He's one of the early Leoning gang that went the kung fu route. He's a pioneer and authority on east coast kung fu.
    He's a little off in his timeline on Kyokushinkai. Mas Oyama founded his own independant school of karate in 1956. Bobby Lowe joined it in 1959, and became the Hawaii representative of the system. Today he is the most senior Kyokushinkai practitioner in the world.

    And Gary, just so you know. The material at Martial Talk is copyrighted, and cannot be reproduced in any public form without the express permission of the owner.
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    Thanks for the information John.

    I'll have to ask the man about that copyright thing, and seek his advise. Thanks.

    It seems that it is on the web and available, but I'll definitly follow it up.
    Maybe I will be able to come over and play, Hmmm NOT...

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    Although the internet can be a good source of information, most information on websites is copyrighted, and enjoys the same copyright protections commonly afforded to books and other types of artistic and intellectual property.
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    yes. even in college research papers, if you use the internet, you must site the source properly in either APA or MLA format due to the copyright issues.
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    True, but I believe if you show where you got it, you are ok.

    Just as long as you don't continually bad mouth the location and say they are liars, I believe it is pretty much, not an issue.

    From what I have read by a lawyer named "Tracy" he mentions the rules and has advised me on a few things.

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    Well, unless he's a copyright and patent lawyer, I'd get a second opinion. I've had material taken from my website several times, and have been successful with enforcing the copyright. Maybe you should talk to the legal staff at major sites like "YouTube", where they have to remove copyrighted material everyday.
    In fact most of the forums I belong to as a member or staff consider it a banning offense to post copyrighted material without the permission of the owner. :ban:
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    Mr. Bishop, are you saying that every forum post is automatically copyright material owned by the forum site owner?
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    If they put a copyright disclaimer on their forum or website. Like:

    All content copyright 2001-2007 - All Rights Reserved.

    And most forums also have this type of information specifically in their user agreements. That is why most forums will insist that you use "links", when referring to something on the web.
    Many forums sell advertising space. The value of that advertising for the most part is usually based on the popularity of that forum.
    If someone like Gary was to cut and paste the information from here to another forum, there would be no reason for someone to come here and read it. Thus taking away visitors from this forum.

    The internet, for the most part is a cyber library, with the rights of much of it's information belonging to it's creators. If you go to a library, and they lend you a book for free, you do not have the right to reproduce the contents of that book. That is why many websites have provisions for the removal of copyrighted materials posted by members who do not own the copyright.
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    That is a good point John, I'll do the link from now on. I actually have done the link most of the time.

    The lawyer I mentioned is copyright and patent approved...

    Successful meaning they can not show it, it is removed and then a link is added?

    I remember that when we were talking about Kara-Ho and Vernon. He was told the name was copyright so he stopped using the name.

    I know that Will Tracy allows the folks in the American Kenpo community to use the Crest he has copyrighted.

    Thanks for the heads up John.


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