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Discussion in 'Ju Jitsu' started by doc97, Jun 26, 2007.

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    We recently added sho bu do bu jitsu to our dojo. Anybody have any experience with this form? The dojo I go to allows us to do any or all of the arts taught there for the montly fee, and I have been looking to add something to my Judo training, not so much for self defense, but basically to find an exercise me and my wife can do together that is fun and something I will continue to do. So it's either that or aikido. Any experience or advice would be greatly appreciated. I have done hapkido, so I think the jui jutsu would fall more in line with that, but would appreciate any imput.
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    Haven't had a chance yet, they didn't have class this past week and I work every other weekend. I talked to a few judoka in my class, and they seem to like it. Interestingly they do a fair amout of striking, weapons, as well as jointlocks, throws, etc....also alot of pressure point training. I hope to make it sunday, but it depends how busy I am at the hospital. But all the responses I have gotten have been favorable.
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    I have trained a couple of times with some folks who are in an offhsoot art of Shobudo Bujutsu (it's called Sho Bushido Ryu Bujutsu). Their Jujutsu is clearly classically based (on Japanese Jujutsu), and is very good IMO.

    I can't quite tell from your initial post if you're looking for something that will give you a good aerobic workout... if you are, this probably isn't your best alternative. From what I've seen, their training is right along the lines of classical Japanese Jujutsu stuff - lots of focus on techniques.

    Anyway, hope this helps.
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    Thanks for the input, more "just something else to do" and to compliment my Judo. Unfortunately my weekend schedule hasn't allowed me to get there and train. An aerobic exercise would be great, but I get a pretty good workout in Judo, plus my wife and try to hit the gym for cardio and weight training a couple times a week. Our dojo has a lot to offer, and the price is the best anywhere! ($25 a month for as much training in whatever arts are offered) So I was want to take advantage of that. Not much out there to get good Judo and Jui Jutsu training for that price. I am hoping to make it this sunday, and will let you know who it goes!
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    Ah, ok... then this should suit you just fine.

    I think the founder of the system is from somewhere near you... I met one of their guys who is originally from that area, he's been training in Jujutsu for about thirty years... a phenomenal martial artist. Last name was Chisholm, I believe... as far as I know, he's now based in Philadelphia, which is where I met him.

    Man... to get training in legitimate Japanese Jujutsu and Judo for $25 / month... you are a very lucky man. :)

    btw, I'm primarily a Hapkido guy too, so I can give you a Hapkido perspective on Sho Bushido. They focus on the nasty stuff... lots of painful locking / throwing techniques. It's not flashy or acrobatic, but IMO it's very effective Jujutsu. Done the old-fashioned way.

    Good luck to you and your wife... please let us know how it goes.
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    Shobudo Bujitsu

    Shobudo Bujitsu is a traditional Japenese system developed by Shoshu Nakazato. Shobushido is a direct derivative of Shobudo. Here are a couple of sites with a great deal more information:

    Best regards,

    J. Hoffman
    Rokudan, Shobudo Bujitsu
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    In your history, the spelling jumps from BUJUTSU to BUJITSU, is there a historical reason for this? As per the brazilians use of Jiujitsu?
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    I understand that "Bujutsu" indicates the art (science) of war. I believe that as Nakasato incorporated the techniques of several ancient styles into his art of Shobudo, which was meant to be a functional art for a newer time, (disgarding techniques that would not be useful in a more modern society, compared to fudeal Japan), he believed this style to be a comprehensive, (as much as he could make it) system of combat...hense the suffex: "Jitsu," (totality/completeness)...comprehensive study of war, (in this case hand to hand and a tanbo).

    Please feel free to contact my teacher; Kaicho
    he will be able to verify this and his wife, Yoshiko can interperit the Kanji of Nakasato.
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    This tread appears to be fairly ancient. However, I recently moved to Lansing Michigan. I knew that a Sensei Brooks was teaching this art somewhere around Lansing. Can anyone tell me if this is still taught in Michigan?
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    Sho Bu Do in Michigan

    At Present(2016) there is Keith Nichols, Roku Dan, teaching Sho Bu Do Juiitsu at the South Side Dojo in Portage, Michigan. Sensei Brooks is not active in Flint. Sensei Gene Jeromel lives in Swartz Creek, MI and is teaching in Flint.

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