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    From another thread I stumbled into a bit of information about Shinken Taijutsu? Soke has granted Menkyo Kaiden to Mr Legare. Is this a new style that Soke has invented? Is this an extension of BBT? Can someone who actually knows what they're talking about clarify? What is the difference and why the need for it?
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    "Shinken Taijutsu is modern combat techniques created from Budo Taijutsu by Soke Hatsumi and Legare Shihan. It is offered to select individuals with a need for specialized training." - from Phil Legare seminar flyer.

    edit and shinkentaijutsu dot com
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    Sounds a little suspect to me. :rolleyes:
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    what do you mean by suspect?

    "individuals in need of specialized training" as in people who really really need budo taijutsu (example: police, military, and people with a job like dale seago.)

    correct me if i'm wrong.
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    So its not a "I'm gonna leave the bujinkan cuz I know better than Hatsumi sensei, and make my own that incorporates all the stuff he left out" kind of style? He is still Bujinkan? (I'd look at the website on my own, but my work blocks the site).
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    The bio, from the website:

    Phillip Legare Shihan is the senior instructor and founder of the Bujinkan Taka Seigi Dojo, headquartered in Westminster, Maryland. Legare Shihan started his martial arts training in 1969 under SiLum Kung Fu Sifu Jerry Gibson. He started training in the Bujinkan in 1982 and has been a personal student of Soke Hatsumi since the summer of 1987. He is currently a Judan-Go (15th degree black belt) and licensed master instructor of Budo Taijutsu, in the Bujinkan Dojo, under Soke Masaaki Hatsumi. Soke Hatsumi also awarded Mr. Legare a Judan Menkyo Kaiden (master's license) in Shinken Taijutsu (modern warfare).

    Shinken Taijutsu is modern combat techniques created from Budo Taijutsu by Soke Hatsumi and Legare Shihan. It is offered to select individuals with a need for specialized training. Legare Shihan also serves as the Director and head of the Board of Examiners of Budo Taijutsu and Shinkenjutsu for the United States Martial Arts Association (USMAA). His experience in various martial arts spans more than 30 years and continues to this day. He has trained with such diverse instructors as Dan Inosanto and Stephen K. Hayes of the United States, Doron Navon of Israel, Wilderness Survival and Tracking Instructor Tom Brown, the late KuKenpo Soke Shoen Fukuda, and many of the senior Bujinkan Dojo instructors of Japan. Legare Shihan has a Rokudan in Judo, awarded by Grandmaster Philip S. Porter and a Sandan in Kukenpo from Soke Fukuda.

    Mr. Legare was the Athletic Director for the University of Alaska, Aleutian Islands Branch, from 1988-1990. During his tenure at U of A, Legare Shihan taught Budo Taijutsu and other martial arts as part of the University's athletic program. In August of 1993, he co-hosted Soke Hatsumi for the highly acclaimed Washington TaiKai. In December 1993, he earned his first Bujinkan Golden Dragon medal, the Bujinkan's highest award, in recognition of his contributions to better the art of Budo Taijutsu. In 1996, Soke Hatsumi was recognized by the prestigious USMAA and Legare Shihan was appointed the Bujinkan's senior representative and chief examiner to the USMAA. Legare Shihan was awarded a second gold medal for his work with the USMAA. In September 1998, he co-hosted Soke Hatsumi for another highly successful TaiKai, this time in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Legare Shihan was awarded his third gold medal in December of 1998, for creating Shinken Taijutsu and teaching it to personnel who travel to high threat environments for the U.S. Government.

    In 1998, Legare Shihan was named Master Instructor of the Year and then in 2000, Senior Master Instructor, by the USMAA-Martial Arts Hall of Fame. In 2001, Legare Shihan hosted Hatsumi Soke for a 3rd TaiKai, this time in Washington, DC. This event stands out as the first time Hatsumi Soke has shown his warrior art collection outside of Japan. Members of the Smithsonian and the Metropolitan Museum, as well as famous art critic Bruce Helander and former FBI Director Robert Sessions were on hand to review Soke's artwork. The Washington TaiKai 2001 training video earned Legare Shihan an award from the Japanese Art and Film Society for best sports film of the year. Also in 2001, Legare Shihan was awarded an unprecedented fourth Bujinkan Golden Dragon medal.

    Mr. Legare's Apache Warrior name is Deleecho, meaning Great Hawk. He is fully licensed to teach and accept apprentices in Warrior Initiation training by founder Jeffrey Nadza. Warrior Initiation is an ancient, mystical discipline, practiced by persons of many faiths to transcend the physical and spiritual boundaries modern society places on our potential by rediscovering what most cultures lost centuries ago: traditional spiritual pathways to native chivalry and womanpower. Phillip Deleecho has taught 5 complete Warrior Initiation cycles and trains numerous apprentices.

    Mr. Legare has a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology from New York State University. He has written numerous articles that have appeared in several martial arts related magazines. He is a sought after speaker and lecturer on personal protection and the Warrior Ethos. He has lectured at the US Naval Academy on several occasions and will be featured in an upcoming documentary on the Modern Warrior. Legare Shihan has authored a Budo Taijutsu Instructor Manual as well as produced numerous video training tapes available through his web site.

    A combat veteran, Master Sergeant Legare retired from the United States Marine Corps in 1996, with more than 22 years of honorable service. Mr. Legare now works for the U.S. government. He is married to the former Ms. Joanne Thacker and has twin boys, Matthew and Joshua. They reside in Tokyo, Japan

    References provided upon request.
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    Would someone with an understanding of Japanese please point me to the Kanji used for SHINKEN in the context of "Shinken Taijutsu" and, ideally the context in which one word is used with the other.

    With thanks
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    More learning through videos...

    :bang: :bang: :woo: - - - - :eek:
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    Soke Hatsumi has more videos than almost every shihan... are you saying videos are a bad thing?
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    Sorry maybe I got my wires crossed...I thought he was offering to teach people through video streaming...

    am I incorrect?

    Secondly I don't pay much attention to any training videos, regardless of who makes them...I just train in my dojo if I can't feel it work...I ain't putting faith in it.
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    Seminar/demonstration videos, are alot different than "learning from home" video, ala RVD.
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    Shihan Legare offers exactly that.... seminar and tai kai videos.

    He also offers video streams of thing currently being taught in Japan each week, including clips of the Japanese shihan, such as shihan Noguchi.

    To the best of my knowledge, Shihan Legare does not offer "learning from home" videos. That link posted above alludes to this, but the titles listed fall in line with seminars he has done in the past.

    Maybe a better question is this:

    Shihan Legare has trained in the Bujinkan since the early 80's.

    Shihan Legare has been awarded the rank of 15th dan by Soke.

    Shihan Legare lives in Japan, and has done so for a couple of years.

    Shihan Legare hosted 3 different Tai Kai over the years.

    Soke has awarded Shihan Legare 4 Bujinkan medals.

    So, a better question would be: When calling into question the character of someone like Mr. Legare, are you not also calling into question the character and choices of Soke?
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    Yes, why are we picking on Phil?

    Someone asked about Shinken and it was answered, is that not enough.

    Maybe you want to edit Soke Legare though??
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    because some people are obsessed with witch hunts.
    Remember in the witch hunting days, alot of innocent people have been killed.

    sigh, human nature.

    He probably meant Soke "and" Legare.
    If not .....................................
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    Nice catch, thanks for that.

    Further proof that I should not attempt to multitask!

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    i thought it was just a mistake but when you have got Garth on here hunting like a wild dog......... :D

    oh the old days, i killed a few myself dont you know, i'm now merely a shell of my former self, maybe a holiday is what i need to get back on track :D
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