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Discussion in 'Self Defence' started by AlShak, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. AlShak

    AlShak Valued Member

    Deal All,

    This forum basically all about sharing a real life experience in a street fight (or a bar one :rolleyes:), and what technique you used.

    Sharing this experience would help a lot to discuss where mistakes happen and comparing Dojo training to real life situations.

    This is especially good for systems that have been under the radar and under doubt to stand against real street fights.

    Plz go ahead and share your story
  2. Simon

    Simon Administrator Admin Supporter MAP 2017 Koyo Award

    I've moved the thread into the self defence forum and would prefer answers to focus on what actions were used when facing a real life experience.

    I think we can still share experiences, while not focusing on street fighting.

    AlShak, welcome to MAP.
  3. AlShak

    AlShak Valued Member

    My point was to compare Dojo training to real life experience. Compare techniques and share ideas based on real situations. But thanx anyways
  4. Simon

    Simon Administrator Admin Supporter MAP 2017 Koyo Award

    Take a look at this thread.

    It goes some way to explaining the difference between dojo training and self defence.
  5. AlShak

    AlShak Valued Member

    I did, it explains a lot. The forum i made was to compare real time situations.
    Thanx again
  6. YouKnowWho

    YouKnowWho Valued Member

    Place - street in Hawaii.
    Time - 1984 summer.

    A guy tried to pull a girl into his car. The girl was screaming for help. I walked behind that guy, gave him a "back head lock". The guy started to scream, "Please don't kill me (I didn't expect that :))." He let go the girl, the girl ran away. I let go my "back head lock". The guy ran away toward a different direction. The conflict ended. Nobody got hurt. Everybody lives happy ever after.

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  7. Hannibal

    Hannibal Cry HAVOC and let slip the Dogs of War!!! Supporter

    You are approaching it from the wrong perspective
  8. Kurtka Jerker

    Kurtka Jerker Valued Member

    Hitting a hammerlock or tai otoshi from a Russian tie has served me pretty well. And knee riding everything.
  9. AlShak

    AlShak Valued Member

    nice move bro
  10. AlShak

    AlShak Valued Member

    plz do explain
  11. AlShak

    AlShak Valued Member

    plz do explain
  12. AlShak

    AlShak Valued Member

    something's wrong with the system, didn't reply twice
  13. AlShak

    AlShak Valued Member

    I believe that's Judo ... Judo is one of the arts that's always been praised never got a negative review
  14. Matt F

    Matt F Valued Member

    A couple I can remember well enough.....

    Waiting outside a bar in my home town for friends as it shuts....realising they had gone as everyone's out and they are not there.... A bit miffed..bit tipsy....feeling frustrated they didn't let me know they had possibly shows on my face, I don't know, because a guys going round the crowd that's gathered being loud and aggressively friendly, shall we say, and comes to me messing about and jibbering on and I say ,yea I'm fine bla bla or something and for some reason that I don't want any trouble...he takes that offensively and I switch on more to him kicking off and he does and goes for me with punches....I do some kind of cover and push him up to wall or fence and lay into him just striking with punches...left right left right etc ....then feel punches from the side...his mates on me I know I got to go so turn to get clear and the one I was hitting grabs my top and tries to pull me back so I kind of turn into his arm and lash out and pull myself breaks his grip but we are facing as I turn......there's distance now and I throw a a back leg side kick ( I'd had real fights before this but had been doing TKD for a bit at that point ) and its thrown from too far...and too long winded...and it misses but as I land I throw a punch and he throws and I think we both hit but mines better...then a guy breaks it up and drags me away and walks me off with his mates.

    Lesson learnt....don't throw back leg side kicks in real situations....hit hard not just that time lacking power in multiple punching....really needed to get total body into real fight time repetitive punching....spent too long on the guy and let his mate in....wasn't aware enough of surroundings. Possibly not fully SD but he did initiate it. Sends me in another direction in my training.

    Another time...having a laugh with a friend ( then anyway) and he says " I dare you to sing ....'certain name' a expletive" not even knowing that name as its a silly nick name or that he is about and its outside and no one I know is I'm singing it over and's a set up basically that guy comes from around a corner and is annoyed and goes for me...I go early and clinch before he gets going and knee him in the nuts. He goes down. .....but we were in a park near where I live and a bit later he comes to my house with a big tree branch threatening's a shared drive so he is hesitant to come up and I don't go down and eventually he goes. Nothing comes of it.
    Lesson....clinch and knee to nuts works. Try to read it early before they get going.Pick friends better.

    Just a couple.

    To show I know when to not go for more..
    I'm at a gig with my wife who hasn't been to one before and it's pushy and close....a couple behind are raising hands and jumping with spills on my wife and she a bit miffed and turns to say do you mind can you be careful....the girl says ' get over yourself ' ... Maybe a fair comment as its a gig but if your not used to it and it was a lot of drink spillt so they argue and the male partner gets involved so I turn and just tell him to "get lost". Wrong on my account I know....we are all human. So it ends and they are still jumping and pushing and I hear him say to his partner "I'm going to knock him out when it finishes" ( the gig ). So I weigh it up ...him being behind with a free shot...lots of people other hour or so from I say to my wife " let's get a drink" loudly and we go to the bar...she's had enough...I have too as I'm half up for a fight, half not ....knowing it's stupid ,and I tell her what was said so we go.

    Got out of few and avoided a few as well as been in a few ...learnt something every time thats not taught in a typical martial arts session.
  15. greg1075

    greg1075 Valued Member

    Nope, not in my book. I don't care this is a concert or a Sunday family reunion. You spill a a drink on someone, you apologize period. Not doing so makes you obnoxious AND a jerk. It's on par with someone on the road cutting you off AND flipping you the bird to top it off.
  16. AlShak

    AlShak Valued Member

    That I was told when my friend used to train me. He said never give your back trying to kick in a real fight.
    Another thing, When you decided to walk away from the fight with your wife in a gig, that was a very smart choice. If not for anything, when someone is with you it's not comfortable to fight because the damage might reach her also.
    What's your experience? Taekwondo? or MT (because you clinched)?
  17. AlShak

    AlShak Valued Member

    If he was alone or with his friends then yeah, he should go against them even if it means big a** fight. Maybe even throw the first punch even.
    BUT, having his wife with him and he's against more then one, not to mention in a gig, it's really bad choice for his family's sake.
  18. Latikos

    Latikos Valued Member

    So you'd start a fight over a spilled drink?

    Even though I totally agree, that the person would have to apologize for it no matter the situation, I would never be so stupid to start a actual fight because of it.

    No need to risk injury or worse over something dumb like a spilled drink.
    A guy in a chair next to me got my trousers a beer once. He apologized right away, I accepted and everything was fine.
    If he wouldn't have apologized, I would have been a bit annoyed, yes, but I wouldn't have started to even consider fighting him.

    Maybe I'm a wimp, I don't know.
  19. Hannibal

    Hannibal Cry HAVOC and let slip the Dogs of War!!! Supporter

    And once again we see exactly why martial artists make lousy self defense advisors......
  20. AlShak

    AlShak Valued Member

    from your point of view, you sound right. But from mine, there is something right about it also.
    I agree it's not worth starting a fight over a spilled drink but the part after it is where it gets very hard to control. The guy said right after the gig he will knock him out.
    There are certain people will never learn to respect an incident happened because of their lack of respect until they know they are not supermen.
    You ask them please do not talk on the phone in the movies, or excuse me you are spilling your drink on my clothes, or please stop pushing it's a line up and someone is ahead of me, or you are stepping on my feet while waiting to pay at the counter or any kind of similar situations and their response is always the same. They curse and ask you if you have a problem.
    All these situations that I mentioned have happened to me and i did not fight most of them because it's really not worth it.
    I have walked away from certain situations where I know I will not loose the fight but he must be really hurt before he stops and what if it gets out of control and becomes a permanent injury or even death to one of us? I think about the aftermath also, not only the fight itself.
    I am not a stupid person and I know when and why, but at this particular situation knowing he wants to knock me out first and its a normal gig fight?
    yeah what the hell

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