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Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by Matthew Barnes, May 25, 2006.

  1. Matthew Barnes

    Matthew Barnes Valued Member

    More contributions

    Thanks to Marlon Wilson of the Shaolin Kempo Training Center and a reader named James Reilly, we now have conbinations #42, 73 and an alternate version of #43 up.

    Thanks to everyone supporting the archive.

    The archive is located at the site in my sig.

  2. Matthew Barnes

    Matthew Barnes Valued Member

    New Section

    A new section of the archive has been created to hold things like blocking sets, etc. The first entry is "12 Hands of the Tiger".

    Thanks again to the folks who write to say hi, and especially to those who have submitted material.

  3. KenpoDavid

    KenpoDavid Working Title

    Anything on there aobut the "10-point blocking system" ?
  4. KempoFist

    KempoFist Attention Whore

    What about it? I know it.
  5. Matthew Barnes

    Matthew Barnes Valued Member

    Not up yet.

    I just created the 'other' page, so it is not up yet. However, if someone other than me types up a description, it will probably get up sooner. :)

  6. Matthew Barnes

    Matthew Barnes Valued Member

  7. Matthew Barnes

    Matthew Barnes Valued Member

    Marlon Wilson comes through again.

    Sifu Marlon Wilson has come through again, this time with combination #57, a variation of #59, #63, and one other for which I need to verify the number. Thank you for your continued support!
  8. Matthew Barnes

    Matthew Barnes Valued Member

    Marlon has once again shown his support.

    Marlon has written up a couple more, #69 and #74.

    Thanks for the continued support of this project.

  9. Matthew Barnes

    Matthew Barnes Valued Member

    41-50 has its own page now.

    All the blanks in that section are now filled, and thanks to Marlon Wilson, Jesse Dwire and fnorfurfoot, we have all of 41-50 up, and even have variations for most of them (still being edited for posting shortly).

    This gives 41-50 their own page now.

    Thanks for the continued support.
    65 of 108 are now up.

  10. BGile

    BGile Banned Banned

    Matt good stuff thanks.

    When at the Chow Memorial we were able to observe many of the movements
    of the various groups are similar.
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  11. Matthew Barnes

    Matthew Barnes Valued Member

    It's funny how much more alike than different we are.

    Thanks Gary. I hope you had a good time and got a chance to get some info 'from the horses' mouths' as it were. I would have loved to go, but work, school and lack of dough made it impossible.

    The more I cross train, the more I see the distinctions in kempo / kenpo as parts of a 'continuum of opinion'. It's not the techniques as much as the ideas and principles. But that's just my opinion.

  12. BGile

    BGile Banned Banned

    Hi Matt,
    Yes, I did and I will continue to get more, as I am going to go to a dinner in the near future with a few of Bill Ryusaki's guys, and visit.

    Funny really, they both live in Simi Valley CA, I use to live there and my brother still does. So I will be able to keep up the relationship and even work out while I am there. :D One of my Nephews is looking for a school to get back into the arts. I am going to give him the information, he will be able to work out there also, small world.

    One of the instructors is retired LEO, and the other is a litigator ;) I am sure I'll be able to get some good information from them.

    Regards, Gary
  13. Matthew Barnes

    Matthew Barnes Valued Member

    Took a while, but it's up.

    The ten point blocking system is now up. I did the writeup, so feel free to comment and suggest improvements. The flood of combos coming in has abated a bit so I had time to write the ten point down.
    Sorry it took so long, but the combos had been coming in fast and furious.

  14. KenpoDavid

    KenpoDavid Working Title

    thanks! I'll take a look at that later :)
  15. Matthew Barnes

    Matthew Barnes Valued Member

    More from Dragon-Phoenix Kempo

    I've received combinations 85, 87, 94 and a variation of 93 from Master Jesse Dwire IV of Dragon-Phoenix Martial Arts . Thanks again! One more in the '80's and they'll need their own page.

    That puts the archive at 70 of 108 combinations up.
  16. Matthew Barnes

    Matthew Barnes Valued Member

    Plum Tree is up.

    While you are there, now you can check out the Plum Tree blocking system.

    I had a moment, so I wrote up the plum tree . It's a quick writeup, so everyone can feel free to contact me with corrections, variations and alternate wordings to improve clarity.

  17. Matthew Barnes

    Matthew Barnes Valued Member

    Technique archive update

    I've been sent 65,66 and 89 by email, so we now have a 61-70 page and an 81-90 page. Thanks goes out to Chris Muehlebach.

    What we have, what we need:
    Have (73 total):
    65, 66, 68, 69
    73, 74
    81, 85, 87, 88, 89

    Need (35 total):

    82-84, 86

    If you have a combination on the need list, please send in a writeup. Thanks!
  18. RevIV

    RevIV Valued Member

    The page is looking great - unbelievable the amount of variations that are out there. I will keep reading, if i come across any that i have that are completly different i will send. Most of them have minor variations that would only be nit picking. doing great. I do not see a workout in March happening.. but hoping you make it up on the 24th for the escrima seminar.
  19. Matthew Barnes

    Matthew Barnes Valued Member

    But wait, there's more.

    Due to a recent submission of two new sets and a second variation by Sifu Bryan Bagnas of Golden Leopard Kempo , the blocking system page has become so robust as to deserve its own section. We now have pages for: the 8 point (three variations), the ten point (including a set with strikes), the palm blocking set, the twelve hands of the tiger (two writeups!), the plum tree and the "Masters' Set".

    Knock on wood, the 24th looks clear. Hope to be able to make it.

  20. shaolinmonkmark

    shaolinmonkmark Valued Member

    to mr barnes

    Are you going to post all Defensive Manuevers as well?
    Well you post pics as well?

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