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Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by Matthew Barnes, May 25, 2006.

  1. Matthew Barnes

    Matthew Barnes Valued Member

    Okay folks, now I've got a couple pages (grouped by source) of 'kempos' up, in addition to the combinations. There's probably at least 30 up there. I've got plenty more, just don't have the time to type them in.

  2. Matthew Barnes

    Matthew Barnes Valued Member

    A few Tigers are up...

    I've found some tigers I had typed in for a manual. It's just the beginning, and when I can dig up more of my notes I will. So 5 up so far.

  3. Matthew Barnes

    Matthew Barnes Valued Member

    And some snakes.

    I found some more of my notes that I had typed up. Therefore, some snakes are up.

  4. bill007

    bill007 New Member

    Nice job, well done Matthew.
  5. RevIV

    RevIV Valued Member


    Well i have been gone on the honeymoon now 2 weeks and i come back to not being able to sleep and seeing this great thread. 2 days 2 hours sleep. Forced myself to stay awake till 9 last night to get a good night sleep but was up at 3.. still cant fall back to sleep. I will get you the higher techniques as i have them and also some animal techniques that i have written up. I think this is a great idea.. you were talking about other peoples versions? That could be a lot of work.
    well hope to sleep soon.
  6. Matthew Barnes

    Matthew Barnes Valued Member

    Thanks Bill007

    Thanks for the kind words. Are you one of Hugh Hanratty's folks? You made a mention of MSDC, and mentioned how you didn't know how things were in the 'states'. Just curious.

  7. Matthew Barnes

    Matthew Barnes Valued Member

    But wait, there's more...

    There's some Crane techniques up now too. I think we're over 100 techniques posted now. That's a pretty good start.

  8. bill007

    bill007 New Member

    I'm one of Danny and Patrick student from Montreal, I have trained with Nath & Greg and also Marlon, i had the chance to do some class with Luke Armentrout when he visit us and some seminars with Master Nohelty and others with one of the two brothers i'm not sure if it was Bruce or Brett... I also remember seeing you guy's from Cape Cod in a spring tournament I think it was in 2000.

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  9. Matthew Barnes

    Matthew Barnes Valued Member

    Oh of course!

    Right! Marlon and I go back a ways. I'm looking forward to touching base again when he comes down in July for the seminar.

  10. Matthew Barnes

    Matthew Barnes Valued Member

    A dozen dragons.

    Okay, last but not least, I've put up a dozen dragon techniques. That's about it for now, as to post more I've got to type new things in and track down more old notebooks. Soooo, if you have something that's not on the archive, send it in. Thanks to those who already have.

  11. Matthew Barnes

    Matthew Barnes Valued Member

    How about combination #93?

    Remembered that I had #93 from two sources, so I started an 'orphan combination' page for those outside of the nice neat #1-40 pile that's already there.

    Help me fill in the blanks!

  12. Matthew Barnes

    Matthew Barnes Valued Member

    A couple more up.

    Just a couple more added:
    #43 (two variations)

    Plus more kempos.


  13. kalista65

    kalista65 New Member

    Shaolin Kempo Combinations

    I notice that you mentioned SiFu Bruce Corrigan in one of your posts. You might be interested to know that he is creating a DVD combining the combinations of Shaolin Kempo with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu follow-ups, and another showing the Shaolin Kempo combos with followups from Filipino Kali, using both Kali empty hand and Kali weapons. If you have ever attendd a seminar with this guy or his 2 sons, you will know that these will be good. He is a Full instructor in Kali, and a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Carlos Gracie Jr. When I talked to him, he said that everything he does eventually ends up in his kempo. His website is
  14. Matthew Barnes

    Matthew Barnes Valued Member

    I look forward to seeing them.

    Yes - I mention Sifu Corrigan when I talk about kempo history, as he was pretty much the first person whose treatment of Shaolin Kempo history was serious. If it wasn't for his articles back when he was involved in the karazenpo group, I would have had no idea where to start my research.

    His DVDs sound very promising, and I look forward to seeing them as the ground work is an important factor that gets little or no attention from shaolin kempo, and is 'light' in even much of the other more 'traditional' hawaiian kempo systems, as the early folks stressed more standing grappling applications. Having done a little cross training in kali, it blends marvelously with the kempo, so I'm sure these will be a great addition to my library.

    Someday I'd love to get a chance to go to a seminar with sifu Corrigan, and especially to sit down and pick his brain regarding history.

  15. kalista65

    kalista65 New Member

    Matt Barnes

    SiFu Corrigan does conduct seminars. If you are interested you might want to give him a call. His number is posted on his site. The seminar I attended was in South Carolina. It was over 2 days, and he covered a HUGE amount of material from Kempo, Filipino Kali, Throwing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Jeet Kune Do. He is one of the very few that have actuall studied these arts for several years, and in their entirety. He finishes his seminars by tying all of his background to Kempo, which is very interesting. If you want to see the combinations the way they were meant to be - go to one of his seminars.
  16. kalista65

    kalista65 New Member

    New Dvds

    Just an FYI SiFu Corrigan just made a few DVDs - you can check them out at
  17. natkungfu

    natkungfu Valued Member

    Was this guy with villaris? And why did he leave?
  18. kalista65

    kalista65 New Member

    SiFu Corrigan

    Not a Villari guy - so, never left
  19. natkungfu

    natkungfu Valued Member

    OK? Then who is he?
  20. Matthew Barnes

    Matthew Barnes Valued Member

    combos 50-55 are up.

    Thanks to Master Jesse Dwire of Dragon Phoenix Martial Arts we now have combinations 50-55 up on the archive.

    Please take a look and send in any alternate versions, or even better, ones that are still missing. I've been very busy this fall, so I apologize for the lack of updates recently.



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