SERGE AUGIER UK Seminar 2008

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    Saturday 21st June 2008 - 12.00 noon - 5.00pm
    Sunday 22nd June 2008 - 9.30am - 3.00pm

    Martial Arts Dojo, GL1 Leisure Centre, Gloucester

    Internal Martial Arts Adept Serge Augier (As featured in Books by Alex Kozma eg. esoteric warriors, beyond the mysterious gate.) will be visiting the UK once again this year to share his unique and exceptional skills in the Martial Arts. Serge has over 30 years of experience teaching and training and presents his teachings in a clear and open way.

    This year, Serge will be covering his Ba Gua system. Demonstrating and teaching the in-depth principles behind the 8 changes and how they are applied to no-nonsence combative skills or self defence. In addition we will be looking at the various stepping methods of ba gua.

    With a deep and clear understanding of the very essence of martial arts, Serge’s teachings are useful for anyone serious about the study of authentic martial arts, regardless of style! This is a unique opportunity to learn from a true Master of the old Taoist Tradition.

    PM or email me for details and to register interest.

    All the best

    Chris Davis
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    Hi Guys,

    there is now also the possibility of an open session on the friday evening covering taiji nei gung. Currently this is a closed session, but we may open it up.

    Serge is brilliant guys honestly, almost abnormal power, precision, speed and skill .... make sure you show interest soon!

    All the best

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    Hi Chris.
    Do you know when Serge Augier will come again to the UK? when you posted I wasnt yet a menber here.


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