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  1. benkei

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    Hey guys, I was wondering what, if anything, people can tell me about SEO. I constantly get spam comments on my site (url below) telling me about SEO and how important it is. All my posts have related tags on them, I thought that was all that was needed. I have to admit though, all these spam posts are making me somewhat curious. Can anyone offer any insight? Cheers
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    special enema orders? social enemy obituary? sick educational operation? sundry expectorant 'older? silly ejaculate in orbit?
  3. holyheadjch

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    It's the process of making your site more visible to search engines, particularly Google. There's plenty of free info on the net.

    Some good sites are:

    One word of caution - if you decide to pay for anything - a bad SEO consultation is a million times worse than no SEO at all. Choose well or you'll pay for it in more ways than one.
  4. benkei

    benkei Valued Member

    Thanks holy, that's a big help!

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