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    In a nutshell: Highly recommended.

    My school hosted a 2 day seminar with professor Hannette Staack this weekend. Hannette is one of the most decorated BJJ competitors out there.

    8x world champion, 3x ADCC champion, 2x Brazilian national champion… More info below.

    Day 1 was no gi and day 2 gi.

    Each day, quick warm up followed up by a few movement drills. Standard.

    Each day started with a takedown, which she feels (I agree) are undertrained these days.

    For no gi, we did the seoi nage counter to tani otoshi - one of my favorites.

    For gi, we jumped guard then disengaged to outside trip.

    Both days were built around small drills put together into sequences.

    No gi: leg drag (top) > berimbolo recovery (bottom) > shin slide pass between the legs (t) > hip escape (b) > hop pass (t)

    Gi: from closed guard, top person stands up > bottom person slides legs down to knee squeeze takedown and finish in mount (b); then top person counters the knee squeeze w/ an inside shin slide pass or alternatively outside shin slide pass to armbar or triangle finish.

    Hannette also showed a guard pass which she sets up from a kimura bait where you grab the bottom person’s wrist, wrap and pin their arm behind their back and sprawl/turn in the opposite direction to effect a shoulder lock and open the legs to another shin slide pass. You can do the same by just pinning their wrist to the mat same side then reaching around and grab with your other hand.

    We finished each day with a few rounds. She rolled with pretty much everyone - she arm triangled and wristlocked me in no gi :D

    No fancy schmancy moves and no wasted movement. All was centered on meat-and-potatoes top side pressure, which is Hannette’s go-to competition strategy.

    Quick note to beginners: The seoi nage counter to tani otoshi is a basic takedown, yet Hannette uses it a lot at the top level. The pin-the-arm-behind-the-back guard pass doesn’t look like much, but is one of Leandro Lo’s go-tos. Don’t think “basic” techniques do not work after a certain level, something often heard in BJJ schools. They become harder to effect against savvy opponents, sure, but “basic” moves will carry you as far as you perfect them.

    Professor Staack has a gym in Chicago and 1 (soon to be 2) in the suburbs (which she runs with her husband Andre Negao, I do believe). She is super friendly, down to earth and was fun to hang out with afterwards also. If you have the opportunity to attend one of her seminars or drop by at her school, I highly recommend you do.
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    her new gym in the city is 2 blocks from my house--brazil 021 moved locations. although i'm happy at my gym, i want to drop in and check out her classes and the people that train there. really looking forward to it. she's got an amazing resume.

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