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Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by CyCloNe, Jul 12, 2002.

  1. CyCloNe

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    I have been training now for about the last 2 months in a kickboxing club.

    It would appear that although the training focuses on the madjority of full contact kickboxing in terms of the padwork, techniques, ring craft etc, the club only ever seems to enter the semi contact 'points' matches, either point stop or continuous.

    My question is simple, how would someone make it into the full contact arena? Would it mean finding another club? Or would it simply mean getting the club to enter me in the full contact bouts?

    Im guessing that associations etc will come into play, but with the full contact sport sweeping accross the UK, its something I really want a piece of.
  2. Andy Murray

    Andy Murray Sadly passed away. Rest In Peace.

    Hey Cyclone,

    It takes guts to go for Full Contact, but it sounds like youv'e got them.

    As opposed to looking for associations or getting your present club to sling you into the first match they find, I really think you should find a good 'pro' coach.

    Semi and points matches are a great starting point, but the steepest learning curve will be getting used to someone actually trying to knock you out, and getting hit hard. Yes you get hit pretty hard in points matches, but it's a different bag all together in Full Contact. If I remember rightly, you are a heavy weight, and you could meet some really big punchers.

    I fought Pele Reid in a Semi Match a few years back, and he nearly took my head off. He turned Pro Boxer later, and had a few televised matches before he got KOed. He was a monster.

    What I'm getting at is you need the right team in the corner, not just the heart and willpower.

    Good Luck

  3. mmafiter

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    Good response Andy.:)
  4. Andy Murray

    Andy Murray Sadly passed away. Rest In Peace.

    Thanks MMAFiter

    Hi 5 ;)
  5. Saz

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    Andy's right about learning to get hit. If you enter knockdown, you're going to get hit, and hit hard. Injuries are almost a certainity. Learn to take a hard hit and give a harder one back.

    As for entering competitions, I know for a fact that our organisation, the BKK, often run full contact open tournaments that allow any style to enter. We've had people who study Kickboxing, Shotokan, Wado Ryu, even the odd Judo-ka entering. Kickboxers usually do pretty well as it happens. Have a look on or PM me if you want me to ask around for you.

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  6. big e

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    when my kb club does the tournaments we have a choice
    in what we want to compete in .
    full contact or points
    so im guessing your club just prefers points
  7. kickboxingidiot

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    good answers guys
    the right corner team is the answer
    so are choosing the right full contact events to step up to from semi.
    at the moment there is a league of events called the Amateur Federation of Kickboxing.

    Give them an email if youre a semi/light -continuous club that want to slowly step up.
    The step up needs to be gradual

    the email addie is:
  8. wild_pitch

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    hmm this thread is old, the op has not posted on this board for 3 years!
  9. marcusknight

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    im in the same situation as you, i know members of my organisation (mainly the world champions) do enter full contact fights and it appears that it is not an event organised by my organisation. the last event i believe was held in scoland. I cant give you information on it as i am still trying to find out this infomation my self. try this link

    see if you can contact them, the head of the organisation is my instructor so i will know in a few weeks how to enter and i will let you know. If you find out before i do tho please let me know
  10. marcusknight

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    haha i hadnt noticed that
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    That's it, I'm breaking out the card again: :D

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