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Discussion in 'Women's Self Defence' started by Freeform, Feb 5, 2003.

  1. TkdWarrior

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    KC ur post did summed up everything
    i liked about Voice control... tho i know one can make ppl freeze out by voice too... one can look intimidating but i m intrested in
    knowing more about it... care to explain???

    i believe if u r teaching SD then this should be the least of one's worries. most of times any situation where SD is needed can be dealt in matter of Seconds, so u don't need much stamina, but if u r going to wrestle them then hey u need to be wrestler...
  2. KickChick

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    Thanks TKDWarrior....

    What I mean't by "voice control" is basically to attract attention to your situation. Usually the attacker will say not to scream (which will inevitably ruin his plan of action) so you can yell "fire" and scream ... not for sole purpose of having someone come to your aid but to appeal to your attackers fear of being caught and to make him think that someone could in fact hear you!

    I have found some of the tips on quite helpful!

    When I mentioned the physical condition of the participants... I just thought that being more physically fit will in fact play an important role in defending oneself. Maybe we will suggest taking cardio or endurance training on top of SD training. Running from a "situation" could possibly be one of your best options ... if you cannot out run your attacker then that is when you plan your SD..... and then of course you will need to run like hell after that!!

    I start teaching in 3 weeks btw.... we will be offering 2 free introductory classes at first ....
  3. Freeform

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    Quite a good range of stuff there Kickchick, how long/many are your classes going to be. I hope you don't fall down the path of many SD classes and teach a pile of 'techniques'. In my opinion these classes should be more about the awareness/mentality of SD. If you wanna learn how to do a wristlock properly, take up Aikido!

  4. KickChick

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    Like I said we are starting with the 2 classes first (1 hr. ea.) and of course we aren't going to focus on all that I mentioned, that will be subsequent classes .... depending on the response we get we will tailor a schedule.

    "KISS" will be the rule!! Keep it simple right down to techniques.... focusing on the "ultimate concealed weapon"

    I have taken a few Aikido classes and can show some wristlocks but .... if you aren't used to doing those wristlocks, students will be in for alot of bruising!!
  5. TkdWarrior

    TkdWarrior Valued Member

    defendu ? i always says ppl to follow carl tesari's tapes...
    yea it works that way too...
    well i m much more on intimidating the attacker :D

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    I am definitely nothing extraordinary, and I have kicked the asses of male fighters before. What are you going to tell me? I didn't really do it, Ihad been brainwashed, had succumbed to some anomalous psychological process that makes me remember memories that aren't there???

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