Scenario Simulation Days with John Titchen 2013

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  1. John Titchen

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    The Scenario Simulation Days consist of the following training conducted over 5 hours:

    DART Safe System of Training Briefings and Warm Ups

    HAOV (habitual acts of violence) Identification and Practice

    Armour & Contact Acclimatisation

    Speed and Skills Access Acclimatisation in one on one Scenarios

    Individual and multiple person Conflict Management Scenarios
(an incident in a street, a train, a bar, a bus stop etc)
    Coaching and full debriefings (including video footage) of performance

    These training days are an opportunity to examine how you can use your existing skill sets in scenarios with varying degrees of contact. Trainees are not ‘in action’ all the time. While parts of the day will provide an emphasis on your combative skills, a recurrent theme is your awareness, positioning, body language and ability to avoid conflict.

    Iain Abernethy, the Chief International Coach of Peter Consterdine and Geoff Thompson’s World Combat Association, recently had this to say about Scenario Training:
    “John Titchen does a great job of it. John would probably be, in the UK at least, the go to guy.”

    This video shows how the different simulation days are put together:

    [ame=""]Simulation Training Breakdown - Full contact habitual acts of violence in context - YouTube[/ame]


    13 April 12 - 5PM Course Loading: 9 Cost: £45
    22 June 12 - 5PM Course Loading: 9 Cost: £45
    10 August 12 - 5PM Course Loading: 9 Cost: £45
    7 September 12 - 5PM Course Loading: 9 Cost: £45
    30 November 12 - 5PM Course Loading: 9 Cost: £45

    Regrettably at this point in time there is a waist/chest size restriction on participants in Simulation days due to the PPE used.

    Previous attendees have said this about Sim Days:

    "This course is a must do for any serious martial artist to park their ego and examine their skills and train under a true pressured environment." - Alan Murphy, 6th Dan Ju Jitsu, Simulation Day 4, February 2012.

    "I have been training in the martial arts for over twenty years and have been fortunate enough to have had some very good instructors. It is not often that I am truly impressed by another instructor, but John Titchen struck me as being on a different level to most. A true understanding of his subject matter, backed up by a very impressive CV. Since training with John and his students I am keen to expose my own students to his training.
    For anyone interested in self defence I can heartily recommend attending a seminar run by John Titchen. Many think their own training will be enough should an attack happen. After being involved in two reality based session under the guidance of John Titchen, I would say that his approach will make you question your own. Safety is of upmost importance and the training environment very pleasant, the training however was tough and realistic. The analysis via video and discussion also added to the understanding." - Simon Sheridan, Senior Instructor UK Quanfa Academy, December 2011.


    The High Wycombe Judo Centre is near the M40 A404 Junction. The Main Gym is fully matted and there are separate male and female changing and washing facilities, a sauna and a licensed bar. There are a number of restaurants nearby and B&B. Details can be found here:

    Alternatively if you’d like me to run a seminar at your club then please get in touch to discuss the possibilities.

    To book places or make enquiries please visit and email me.

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  2. John Titchen

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    It's the one training event where you can find yourself hanging out in a bar as you train.

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  3. Mitch

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    As an added you will get to kick my sorry ass up and down the gym at this event :D

  4. John Titchen

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    Anyone thinking of joining Mitch on one of these days for a slightly different form of training?
  5. Southpaw535

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    I'm thinking about the April one but I can't confirm anything
  6. Kuniku

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    I'm very interested in doing this, though it will probably need to be later on in the year, money permitting i'm certainly very interested in doing this =)
  7. Late for dinner

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    Interested in coming to another sim day but will have to wait until the summer as my Saturdays are always taken up playing rugby! :' P

    To be fair, there isn't that much difference between the two :' D

  8. John Titchen

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    I still have 4 spare places for 13 April for anyone wishing to sweat off the Easter chocolate!
  9. HarryF

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    This is very tempting, I will have to check with the boss (other half) ;)

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