SAW (Submission Arts Wrestling)

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    So, in another thread Pretty in Pink asked me what SAW is as I mentioned that I am a brown belt in it. So, I figured I'd make a thread, explaining what it is. SAW (short for Submission Arts Wrestling) is a hybrid grappling style from Japan. It was founded by Hidetaka Aso. Sensei Aso was a Judo black belt, a recognized Sambo champion and a Catch wrestling student of the great, Karl Gotch. Thus, SAW was born. Here are some videos that show it greatly. Here is a small "what is SAW" video and competition footage from the 90's. It has been somewhat updated since then, but the heart of Catch resides in SAW. It is all about submission chains/lockflows with plenty of CACC trademarks such as neck cranks and leg locks.

    I hold a brown belt in SAW under the very awesome, Mike Martelle. He is a SAW black belt, BJJ black belt, Canadian Sambo champion, ADCC vet and all around great fella. Here is a cool video of Mike competing in Japan in 2007.

    I love the different conceptual ideas of SAW compared to BJJ. It actually works great along with my Jiu Jitsu. It gives me some different options that most might overlook or might simply not know. I hope I've given an alright glimpse into the style.

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