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Discussion in 'Kung Fu' started by Herbo, Oct 16, 2009.

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    Hey, I've recently come across san shou training and it seems like something I would love to do. There doesn't appear from my searches to be any sanshou classes in Scotland but I found this website about being able to train in China.

    It's something I'd be able to do during University holidays in the summer, however I'm not familiar with any of the coaches or the training facility.

    If anyone knows anything about the trip, the facility, the coaches or anything else that'd be useful then I'd greatly appreciate it.
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    San Shou / SanDa


    There were some guys from Scotland who used to come down and fight in the BCCMA Nationals. Can't remember which school they were from though - Sorry...may have been Tai Chi Chuan. ( Full contact of course!)

    Also used to fight some guys - Full Contact Kung Fu/ San Shou ( Slightly different rules, but similar scoring system...and Full Contact LOL) They were from Glasgow - Hung Fut School. John Yip was one, Mark Coyle another good lads.
    Believe it was Raymond Man's hang on I'll go and get a contact No. ........................ It used to be 0141- 3321366 ? Hope it still is?
    Training at 32, Clarendon Place, Glasgow.
    If you meet them ...Please tell them Darryl Cross - Fung Yang Sau Kung Fu, Wales. sent you. Tnx.

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