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Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by nForce, Apr 2, 2005.

  1. nForce

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    Your opinions and thoughts on this please?

    I originally wanted to join a Muay Thai club and learn this, but i can't find one.

    Whats this like compared to MT and is this chinese style effective for the street.

    When i say street i mean:

    'You're in a club some guy starts giving you hassle, you try to avoid it but the inevitable happens, and i'm talking like a 1 on 1 fight like alot of experienced are'

    Just your general thoughts/comparisions.
  2. Ikken Hisatsu

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    san shou (san da is the name for the tournament i think?) is a very good system- combines kickboxing and judo throws. if i wasnt doing muay thai id be doing this (well and if i could find somewhere that taught it)
  3. Mushroom

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    A very good system, very useful with strikes and throws. In tournaments, the rules are that one must throw the opponent within 2 seconds of grabbing, so it forces you to quickly react even in a grappling situation.

    Saw one guy give a really good belly-back suplex (landed the guy on his head) but was deducted points because he held on too long.
    Also the ring is different, sometimes it would be a ring, sometimes it would be an open mat. Not sure why though.
  4. Nrv4evr

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    San Da is a pretty complete, well rounded sport, and if you're lucky, you may find some gyms that teach elbows and knees. But if you're just looking for tournament competition, I've only heard good things about the art.
  5. axelb

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    There are some clubs that are sold as Sanda/SanShou, sometimes known as Chinese Kickboxing.

    You can find kungfu schools around that enter into these competitions, and practise this form of sparring in class. Some clubs start off with a less contact version to ease you into it. If you can't find a place that advertises it's self as SanDa/Sanshou or chinese kickboxing, then it's probably best to go into some kungfu clubs and ask the teacher if they do it.

    The classes I've seen don't tend to practise with elbows and knees as its not used in the competitions, but would practise elbows and knees as part of other drills.

    The grappeling thing I thought was more like 5 seconds, but its been a while since I've been able to practise so could be 2 :D

    It's quite a good way of crossing that boundary of throwing/takedowns from a standup fight - people are certainly less eager to go for higher kicks.

    1 technique I've seen a few people use is against someone coming in with haymaker punches, or a stream of punches, and they just dip down under the fists and dump them on their back :D class

    Sanshou in the UK is usually done on a padded matted area. SanDa is usually done in a ring or on a leitai which is like a boxing ring without the ropes a few feet off the floor, so when you go out the ring, you fall out :D

    Some of the SanDa and SanShou competitions I've been to watch have had kickboxers, and thai boxers enter in the competition. I've heard of the same for people from kungfu entering kickboxing or thai boxing championships but not seen those competitions so can't comment.

    the street thing, well it'll give you the fitness to be able to run from the person causing trouble. Like a lot of MA, if you practise to a good level then I'm sure it will prepare you :)

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