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    I'm interested in the sabaki method, picked up by Enshin / Ashihara, etc. I don't really care which MA uses the sabaki method, I just want to know if it is generally useful, and what it's strengths and weaknesses might be. Is it worth studying?

    Would like some personal anecdotes for those who have trained in it, and also links to resources you've found helpful.

    Thanks folks
  2. Mitch

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    I trained in Enshin for a short while and was a low grade. I loved the style and thought it had a huge amount to offer.

    I don't think Sabaki is by any means unique, though I do think Enshin perhaps had its own particular idea of it.

    Styles that spar will all have ideas on movement, and I see many of the Sabaki ideas in the drills I do for TKD sparring. They are different of course, but the principles are similar.

    If you look at boxing drills, you'll see a lot of similarities too.

    As a caveat, I was only low ranked in Enshin, so I may well be missing levels of detail, but as a concept, evasive movement and striking from the blind spot are widespread. Indeed, they are an integral part of the traditional kata you are less keen on than the Enshin/Ashihara kata :)

  3. kandi

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    Thanks Mitch!

    I'm only low graded myself (5th kyu) so I'm not the best person to judge a style. I spoke to my sensei and he seemed to quite like enshin. It's more of an interest for me. I'd love to learn some enshin kata and understand a bit better their movement in the 4 quadrants.
  4. Mitch

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    You can order their DVDs straight from Enshin HQ, and a lot is on youtube of course. Are you doing kyokushin then?

  5. kandi

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    Yep we're a kyokushin club.

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