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Discussion in 'Ninjutsu' started by Crucio, Dec 20, 2019.

  1. Crucio

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    It has been written before and better then i could do.

    What i want to know and see, is why after so much time there are no videos of such of simple thing? There are 1000s of vods of kata and ninjutsu but i can not find just one of ryutai undo. So many are selling for the right price, others have leftt in anger, so at least one of them have let loose one of the "secrets" of this arts. Where are they?

    I will just say one thing. PR and BW, you made me go after what i want.
  2. Nojon

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    I kinda understand your post, but not 100%...
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  3. Crucio

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    If Ninjutsu was as open then you would think that such a basic thing as the topic at hand would be everywhere on the web. But it's not. Why? We have kata, lists of kata for the schools, but not the basics of body conditioning.

    Every one and his dear mother has both an opinion as well as a "ferm" understanding of what ninjutsu is, or is not, and yet, not even the very basics of conditioning have been made public.

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