Rousey vs. McMann, predictions?

Discussion in 'MMA' started by Combat Sports, Dec 30, 2013.

  1. Van Zandt

    Van Zandt Mr. High Kick

    Decided to print off an A4 photo of Rousey's face to use on my dartboard. Went out of the room and didn't notice it had fallen onto the floor (probably the cat knocking it off). Stepped on it, slipped **** over head and landed with a painful thump. Rubbed my sore bits (and ego) better, stuck the Rousey picture on the board and threw 3 darts into her "face". Went back over to the board to pull the darts out, ended up yanking the board off the door and it landed right on my toes (with Rousey's smug face still attached). Yelped, dropped the darts, hopped around holding my sore foot and fell over while trying to avoid stepping on my cat - landing head first onto the Rousey picture stuck onto the dartboard. So I'm lying there, in pain, with Rousey looking at me almost like she's laughing at my misfortune.

    Morale of the story: Cats are evil. And lying on the floor near Ronda Rousey isn't a nice place to be. :(
  2. Heraclius

    Heraclius BASILEVS Supporter

    It's clearly the universe telling you to give up on the Rousey-hating :p.
  3. Kave

    Kave Lunatic

    So what you are saying is that Rousey's takedowns are so powerful that an A4 picture of her face managed to take you down twice. That is actually pretty impressive.
  4. Mushroom

    Mushroom De-powered to come back better than before.

    Ronda Rousey Judo level : Multi Dimensional
  5. belltoller

    belltoller OffTopic MonstreOrdinaire Supporter

    Too much! :happy:

    I was reading your post cringing with one eye closed, I just knew somehow one of those darts would end up in your face.

    Seriously, you need to come to peace with Ronda, else we're gonna hear of some tragedy that befalls you when you resort to sticking voodoo pins in her action-man ( or woman, rather ) figure.

    Could be worse ( for you ) though...

  6. righty

    righty Valued Member

    Now I'm wondering how much Rousey is getting paid for the movie she is in.

    Do I have to watch Expendables 2 before watching 3?
  7. Combat Sports

    Combat Sports Formerly What Works

    The problem is, I don't hate the fighter that much. As I clarified at the start of all this. That's a projection on your part. You don't exactly have anywhere near enough personal information about me to make any sort of educated guess as to my emotional state on the issue. But it is a convenient lie to use in the debate. Ad hominem is easier then making a logical argument.

    Someone can be a great fighter and not be your favorite person. It's foolish to dismiss someone's skills because you don't like their personality. I read her mother's blog, and ordered her book as soon as it was available.

    I wouldn't be any more satisfied with the outcome if Rousey was the one who hit the canvas for a second and the fight was stopped as she was rising.
  8. Combat Sports

    Combat Sports Formerly What Works

    I don't see it as domination either. The fight wasn't even going on long enough to make that kind of a determination. And someone your dominating is not reaching up and popping you in the face fairly often.
  9. Combat Sports

    Combat Sports Formerly What Works

    It's obvious when you watch said "blows" that they were short distance arm punches with nothing on them. Which is why she didn't have a mark on her.
  10. Hannibal

    Hannibal Cry HAVOC and let slip the Dogs of War!!! Supporter


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  11. Ben Gash CLF

    Ben Gash CLF Valued Member

    Which is completely by the by as the rule is you have to intelligently defend yourself, not take no damage.
  12. Southpaw535

    Southpaw535 Well-Known Member Moderator Supporter

    This has reminded me, and its almost completely off topic, that after all the debates and arguments I've had with people over close fights and who should of won what, it was only the other day I realized "damage" isn't part of the scoring criteria.
  13. aaradia

    aaradia Choy Li Fut and Yang Tai Chi Chuan Student Moderator Supporter

    Nor should it be. Some fighters have scar tissue that opens up easily. (Diego Sanchez) Some fighters have skin that bruises easier. (GSP) Because of factors like this, "damage" really isn't as much of an indicator as one would originally think. :fight2:
  14. Southpaw535

    Southpaw535 Well-Known Member Moderator Supporter

    Yeah I never use it as an indicator but it makes me feel better now that next time I inevitably end up arguing with someone about GSP-Hendricks and they bring up GSP's face I can state as a fact that its completely irrelevant :D
  15. aaradia

    aaradia Choy Li Fut and Yang Tai Chi Chuan Student Moderator Supporter

    Yes, you can also bring up the fact that if that criteria was actually used, he should have lost vs Lawlor. He looked more beat up after winning the championship than his opponent did.
  16. Ben Gash CLF

    Ben Gash CLF Valued Member

    consistency has no place in fanboy hate discussions.
  17. icefield

    icefield Valued Member

    i dont like or dislike you, i do think you have some very strange opinions based on not much personal training and your lack of experience comes shining through on this thread
  18. Combat Sports

    Combat Sports Formerly What Works

    That's not what we are talking about. You make assumptions about my motivations in commenting on Rousey, you make assumptions and claims that you have no basis in stating with no knowledge as to what I actually feel about the situation. Or about Rousey. When you make stupid comments suggesting that it's my personal dislike for Rousey that fuels my opinion you really have no grounds to stand on. It's something you just made up.

    You also know really nothing about my training or experience.

    And there are other people here and elsewhere with recognized experience who agree with me. And have stated as such.

    You keep trying to make it about personal attack so that you can just blow off my point of view. If you don't agree, fine. Whatever. That doesn't mean I am incompetent.
  19. Hannibal

    Hannibal Cry HAVOC and let slip the Dogs of War!!! Supporter

    It's been two weeks since the last reply and months since the fight - get over it already
  20. Southpaw535

    Southpaw535 Well-Known Member Moderator Supporter

    Still not an early stoppage

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