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Discussion in 'Brazilian Jiu Jitsu' started by Mangosteen, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. Mangosteen

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    I trained for a day, yesterday, at RGA HQ, I though I'd share my experience:
    Running errands in London for my dad for the past few days.
    I'm one of those sad people that takes a Gi everywhere and found out that my house is down the road from Roger Gracie HQ, so I decided to train there for a day.
    As I was heading to the club, I saw a guy leave from it and asked him what time the white belt classes were.
    He said "I don't know, I take private tuition, but you could check inside. Roger and GSP are in at the moment"
    Bullcrap. I was sure he was lying but when I got in, GSP was there.

    Apart from freaking out and and staring with my mouth open, I did eventually talk to him. He wasn't as nice as I thought he would be, but to be honest I think he was just sick of of the fanboys asking him questions.
    One of the things I did ask him was about Rushfit. He said that although he does endorse it, it's mainly for people who don't train MA and want a quick, intense workout (I remember a thread came up about this quite a while back).
    Despite my friends insistence, I didn't take a picture with him. I was a guest in this Dojo and I didn't want to embarrass everyone who trained there by acting really fanboy-ish. Plus so many people turned up out of no where, who weren't even training, just to take pictures.

    Probably the nicest "celebrity" guy I met was Lagarto. He's was really welcoming and friendly and really got involved in talking and joking with the white belts, which I didn't see many other black belts do.
    I even got a picture of him wearing ski goggles :p
    He's pretty humble for a world champion.

    He took the classes. And they were great classes. The techniques were really basic simple things and we drilled for a long time (which I think many places in the North don't do long enough for white belts). We drilled the same thing in the morning and evening.
    And rolling was only to pass guard or sweep from guard. It really fulfilled the point Saulo Ribero in Jiu Jitsu Unversity makes about a white belt's goal - A white belt's goal should be survival.
    I liked that they didn't talk us through the passes or sweeps while we were rolling but rather let us figure it out and do it over and over again until we got it.
    I've never trained with under a Black Belt before, that was the first time, but I really saw the difference in the quality and methods of teaching.
    The purple belts I get taught by (one trained under Lagarto) don't really split the class into ability levels and teach really complex techniques that they don't drill for long enough. They don't establish a set criteria when they roll to help their student refine the skills involved under pressure. (just my two pence from my sport science course :p)

    Maybe I've just had sub-par teaching, but I really think RGA is the best place I've trained at so far. I know many people would say that "Of course it was, it's full of black belts".
    And although that is true, a black belt signifies that you're a great competitor but not a great teacher. The teaching program here was really well organised and there was a specific goal and position to work on, even when rolling, rather than open rolling.
    I'd really like to train there again, and probably will with anytime I have off university, costs per day were 12 pound (because I train in an affiliated Lagarto club, 18 if you don't) and monthly costs are 70 pound.
    It's well worth it, with 3 black belts always on hand and a myriad of purple belts, a open mat session in the morning and 2 taught classes during the day and evening.
    If I don't make it to Rio - I'm training here.

    On a personal note - I noticed the conflicts of training Judo and BJJ at the same time. When ever I was in someone's guard or gained a dominant position I held it for far too long and didn't try to pass. I figured that this is because we pin in Judo or hold them down in guard rather than passing in order to make the referee reset the match.
    Also I have really messed up my knee last wee and am going to try to get it x-rayed tomorrow.
  2. Killa_Gorillas

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    lucky bast... person.

    Hope your knee is alright BTW. I injured mine around this time last year and it really set my training back. Fingers crossed it nothing serious!
  3. Mangosteen

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    Yeah i hope it's nothing serious too.
    I started reading slideyfoot's site and decided to give it go.
    I really want to go back there.
    I cant believe i used to walk past it as a kid.
  4. Mushroom

    Mushroom De-powered to come back better than before.


    Just a quick this the Roger Gracie class in Mill Hill?
  5. Mangosteen

    Mangosteen Hold strong not

    Nope. Ladbroke Grove/Notting Hill, that area. Its the Roger Gracie HQ.
    He might be touring GSP round too his other academies, but GSP is training regularly in Ladbroke Grove from what I've been told.
  6. february

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    Nice dude! The UK is really benefiting from having the likes of Roger, Lagarto and Braulio/Victor here. You should stop by Braulio's if you're ever in Brum.

    Also, Slideyfoot's resources are great.
  7. Mushroom

    Mushroom De-powered to come back better than before.

    Ladbroke Grove?! Bloomin eck. Horrible place.
  8. roninmaster

    roninmaster be like water

    how much does 12 and 70 pounds translate to in american dollars?
  9. Mangosteen

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    @Roninmaster: google fu
    12 pound = 20 USD
    70 pound = 115 USD

    @Mushroom: I know. Terrible place. But I grew up across the canal, near harrow road and Queens Park. That's a pretty terrible place too.
    But you get used to it. I've never been bothered by anyone there.
  10. mattt

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    You guys don't know you're born with those prices.... NYC 250 USD per month plus 50 for Gi Laundry and 100-200 per private....

    Thats at RGA and I think Alliance is about the same or more...

    But then we do get classes with 20+ Blackbelts rolling
  11. Mangosteen

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    ^ Still can't beat Rio.
    Thats damn expensive in NYC

    What does this mean?
  12. Killa_Gorillas

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    He means we're lucky.
  13. Mangosteen

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    Went to the doctor today. Turns out I have a partial tear on my MCL.
    So I'll be taking a while off. Still, I don't regret training at RGA, even though that probably made it worse.
  14. Mushroom

    Mushroom De-powered to come back better than before.

    You'll be fine in 6 weeks
  15. Mangosteen

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    I was hoping i wouldnt have to wait that long
  16. Atre

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    Whoa, depends on the size of the tear.

    Grade I is that kinda time
    Grade II is a LOT longer
  17. Mangosteen

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    he said it was a partial tear. he didnt give a grade.
    he said wait 2 to 3 weeks.
  18. Late for dinner

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    It's not as exact a science as some might lead you to believe...


    grade one - the tissues are stretched but not torn
    grade two - there is a partial tear, physical disruption of tissue
    grade three - there is a complete rupture and no longer any physical resistance from the ligament

    Obviously with a partial tear you could have varying levels of tearing and still have a second degree tear.

    Not really much help eh ;' )

  19. Mangosteen

    Mangosteen Hold strong not

    Okay so I attend a couple classes at RGA again today so I'll update you guys about the awesomeness I experienced tomorrow!
    Man I love RGA - when you enter you forget you're in London and feel like you've entered a country of Zhu Zhitsu.
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    Where's the update at?

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