RIP Raymond Chow

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by Simon, Nov 3, 2018.

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    Sad news indeed - I feel a mournful Golden Harvest marathon coming on... :(

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  3. axelb

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    Oh my, sad news RIP! The bulk of my dvd collection was golden harvest during 90s early 00s.
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  4. HawksShadow

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    Didnt he kill Bruce Lee and also sell heroine?
  5. aaradia

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    How about you provide some pretty darn good evidence of those accusations before being all negative on a thread about someone passing away? You know, not just rumors and innuendo, but real serious evidence?

    I don't think it is cool to bring that up on a thread lamenting a death - especially without some sort of smoking gun evidence. :mad: Not a fan of Bruce Lee. Didn't know who Raymond Chow was before this thread, but that is just a tacky post IMO. There is a time and a place for discussions like that, even with evidence. But to cast aspersions on a person who just died in a thread meant to lament his passing, not a reputable move in my book.
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  6. Xue Sheng

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  7. aikiMac

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    2nd that! I recognized that name immediately.
    Stan Lee and now him -- is this the end of childhood? :(
  8. HawksShadow

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    Aardia. If this is your first instance of hearing of Raymond Chow then who are you to defend anything about him. Also if there was solid evidence he'da been jailed long ago.

    Bruce Lee was murdered

    I can find other article's pointing to his film company Golden Harvest being involved in money laundering of Heroine and Triad involvement but you can do your own research
  9. aaradia

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    Not taking a position on him at all - pro or con. Taking a position about someone slandering someone without solid evidence on a thread meant to honor the recently deceased.

    Yeah, if there was solid evidence, he would have been jailed. We agree there. So, you admit- no solid evidence exists. Your link really has no evidence. Just a bunch of rumors with nothing solid to back it up.

    And no, I don't need to do the research. YOU made the claim, that means you need to provide evidence to back it up and have any credibility at all.
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  10. Mushroom

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    Raymond Chow murdering Bruce Lee is just a variation of an urban legend regarding Brucie's death.
    Its the Chinese "Man on the grassy knoll".

    70s Hong Kong up to present day has always had mafia involvement when it comes to large money making companies. So that in part can be said to be true. Although the level of involvement is completely dependant on who within said companies are with.
    (different factions, interests, gangs etc etc).

    In Japan, the Yakuza is involved in absolutely everything, the whole "everyone knows, no one wants to talk about it". Pride FC shut down because of heavy Yakuza involvement, the UFC weren't able to operate properly in Japan because they refused to work with "them", not actually knowing how it works in Japan.

    Even Coca-Cola/Pepsi etc has to have Yakuza liasons to function. When the nuclear powerplant went up in Japan, making millions homeless, the biggest contributing party to re-establish the community (at this moment) were actually the Yakuza, as they worked/function faster than the Government. How this will affect the upcoming generation, we'll have to see.
    Yet Japan is also one of the safest places to be in.

    Hong Kong is not like that level, but the triads are involved in a lot of day to day life. As it's ingrained into culture. So to point a finger and say.. "oooh look. Criminals in the 70s" is a very broad and uneducated observation to Hong Kong culture. Look at Hollywood and the mafia in the 70s compared to today.

    TLDR: Chow didn't kill Bruce. The 70's was a rough decade despite where you're from.
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  11. Mushroom

    Mushroom De-powered to come back better than before.

    Sorry to derail. But this thread got me with one of the subjects Im familiar about (Triads/Yakuza and Film making). So forgive me for being a bit "triggered" by a post.

    I dont know if theres any swearing, but chances are there is. But if you youtube Joe Rogan and Enson Inoue, Enson discusses Yakuza culture in Japan and MMA and his experiences.

    Otherwise read Tokyo Vice by Jake Adelstein. A jewish American who speaks Japanese and lived in Tokyo as a journalist. He discusses how the Yakuza operate, how the Police deal with them and how Corporate company's have to put up with the Yakuza.

    Now there isnt much about Triad life thats published, or at least anything thats semi decent. But its similar to the references I just mentioned.
    In comparison, although they are still mafia and involved in what mafia does (horrible horrible crime). Majority are legit business owners and they wont mess with their money.
    You can go to Hong Kong (today), hire a tour group company to look after you. And you might get some great service, take you to some awesome places. And it could be completely mafia run. The coach driver couldve been supplied by their own people, they recommend "one of their own" restaurants.. stuff like that.
    And you will never know. And you would be on TripAdvisor going.. "Hire XYZ tours, awesome".
    Now imagine that, but consider the criminal element in a much more open and blatant attitude and that was pretty much it in the 70s (according to my dad who grew up there after WW2) And then you would understand why majority of British/American/Euro/Australian born Chinese were born in there during the 80s / 90s is because to find a better life in comparison.
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