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    Doh, I'm not intending to say you don't know what you are doing... I'm actually trying to explain (in words, how effective is that?) a different way to do Ikkyo than what is taught in Aikido. They all share the same principles and what works for one works for the others too. The way I am speaking of is to do Ikkyo with no feet movement (well that's a lie, let's say minimum foot movement). Start with uke with his arm extended about chest height, apply Ikkyo. There are certain spots to the side where you can drop straight down into Ikkyo and even a really tall and big person will drop down because they can't support the entire weight of your body with just their arm.

    But then I might just be saying stuff you already know so please excuse my ignorance.

    The leg sweep with Ikkyo is something from Judo and I learned it in karate actually. It is to be used with caution as if you do it right, uke will land face first into the mat unless you give them a way to take the fall better.

    More specifically, when they first feel their elbow rise into the air, they should lean slightly away from you and pull their elbow away and into the air (as if atemi with the elbow to the sky).

    Be safe as always, I would add.

    oh nooooos :eek:
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    Ikkyo with foot sweep below.However ikkyo means first principle and that is UNBALANCE the attacker. You do NOT unbalance him with ikkyo. NEVER attempt a technique without proper unbalancing first, this is done by body alignment and atemi.Then attack another kuzushi (weak point of balance). There are three kuzushi in every technique.(this is not often taught in many clubs)

    Any resistance to ude osae (often called ikkyo) leaves a perfect opening for irrimi nage and atemi.

    regards koyo

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    Thanks koyo for the reminder :bow1:

    The technique I speak of is to atemi to the arm at an upwards angle just above the elbow as if to break it, this can be done a number of ways and puts uke on "his toes", moving into a kuzushi and then dropping straight down to complete the unbalancing, then applying ude osae and pin.

    Other atemi can be added such as elbows to the ribs, temple, and spine.

    The point of the exercise I might not be able to correctly describe, but it is to attack the kuzushi on a person much larger with minimum movement, make them move, not you.
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    I have found that women I know decide that they can not protect themselves. Meaning they have already allowed someone to attack them, which annoys me some what since they could just try and learn something.

    My friends always seam to be un interested in what I say to them, they see me as some sort of tom boy who likes to get into fights. Well I don't (I don't go out picking on people or beating up men), as far as I am concerned I veiw them as being victims or just plain lazy!

    People do automaticaly decide that they will loose because they beilive they will meet this terrible individual who is going to destroy them. As I have said the only way that happens is if:

    (a) You go down alley ways alone (this includes men too)
    (b) You get drunk and decide that that bloke over there is well nice after 9 pints
    (c) You walk around late at night with your head down and not paying attention
    (d) You allow some horrid person to invade your body because they are bigger then you

    To be honest you can get out of thoose situations, by not walking alone, being confident on the street, speaking in very clear tones that you want ''To be left alone''.
    Only one of my friends will literally tear the eyes out of an attacker because she won't let people walk all over her. People with no confidence are easy pickings.
    I took up a martial art as I wanted self defence and felt quite spiritually conected. I have always liked fancy looking fighting, but over the years I learnt that I needed a more male approach to defence as no attacker is going to leave you alone if you just quietly cry, if you shout and show you are not be messed with they will leave you. At times you may be unfortunate to have a weird drugged up strange person attack you but I think that its more then likley you won't be in that situation.

    I think people decide to be victims, I was in a very horrid situation once and that is never going to happen again.
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    Tansy, how many people do you know who actually spend time walking down alleys? Seriously.
  6. Tansy

    Tansy I train ninja guinea pigs

    You would be suprised how daft some people are, there are people amoung my group of friends who do wonder down dark alley's to cut a walk home short.
  7. Tansy

    Tansy I train ninja guinea pigs

    Anouther thing is that people on this forum are well trained or have had agood teachers train them properly.

    Some women just don't want to train to protect themselve's mostly because they beilive their attacker is always going to dominate them, they find martial arts tricky or fear they will get hurt.

    This is not a great example but, my elder sister was walking with my 6 year old neice and it was at the time when there was a man who was abussing and doing other discusting things to women. (mostly women who were on their own in Surrey UK, was on the news) and my sister's house is very near the place this woman was abducted from. Well she could hear a man running behind her and then stopping, when she turned he looked as if he was hiding himself, she panicked and walked on but the man began running again. Well all she thought of was being attacked and that my neice would witness her mother being killed. Luckly the ran into the park and she felt stupid, I said that a good weapon before they get close is to shout swear words and make yourself look like you have a mental problem, not many would attack you then but its a start and its simple. However people thought I over reacted, personaly I think they will be the first to be caught out.

    Its very very hard to convince someone they have a chance when they have made up in their minds they don't.

    Many appologies to the thread if this sounded a bit depressing
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    1) Had you have actually been physically attacked or assaulted prior to training?
    Yeah since I was 6 untill about a year ago.

    2) Have you been attacked or assaulted physically since taking up an MA?
    I spose so

    3) Were you close friends or a relative of someone who was attacked?

    4) In general would you say you were a confident person before with a postive outlook before training in MA?

    5) Did training MA improve your self image and confidence?
    For sure, It got me out of my situation =]

    6) Did you ever encounter negative attitudes from males regarding your training in martial arts... eg. boyfriends/fathers/coworkers?
    7) Would say while you were growing up that your mother was a physically strong woman capable of handling herself in the event of an attack?
    8) Who was more receptive to the idea of you studying martial
    my hero, my trainer. lol the gym manager who started this passion

    I dont train in ma for self defence, but im 100% positive that it would help me in an attack.

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