Rest in Peace Johnny Clegg

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    Awww, dang it! Johnny Clegg just lost his battle with pancreatic cancer.

    Johnny Clegg and Savuka opened for Tracy Chapman decades ago. I almost skipped the opening act because I had never heard of them, but they were actually better than Tracy Chapman was (she was good, don't get me wrong.)

    I became a fan that night.

    He and his band (bands actually) were outspoken activists against apartheid in South Africa. He mixed Zulu and other African music, lyrics, dance and culture with Western music. Amazing stuff.

    Rest in Peace, Johnny Clegg.

    Johnny Clegg, South African singer and activist, dies aged 66

    Here are a couple of my favorite songs.

    A song he wrote for his child.

    This is when Nelson Mandela joined him onstage.

    "One day when you wake up, I will have to say goodbye" - Johnny Clegg
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