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    Hmm, you need to discriminate between eugenics as a social "philosophy" and the technical means that can be used to "improve" humans. You won't see eugenics in scientific journals because it is not science. Gene splicing is an established scientific technique, no matter what you use it to accomplish. Good old fashioned selective breeding can be effective with no knowledge of genetics at all. I am not sure at all to what empirical evidence you are referring to, though eugenic programs of all kinds have been applied many times throughout the 20th century.

    You might also find this interesting :):
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    You have no right to comment on my posts! Stop flaming me! I sparred with Elvis!:p :D

    I should have seen this coming :).
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    You might want to check the peer reviews on the modern proponents of Eugenics at the anthropological forums.
    It starts with accusations of "scientific racism" and then moves to challenge every single contention of supporting argument, and includes representatives of chemical biology and geneticists as well as anthropologists and a statement of intention by the American Anthropological Society (which directly challenges the validity of eugenics in the human context). You're right, it's not a science, it's a pseudoscience, but I have had this argument with self professed animal husbandry proponents in American universities (seems to be a popular movement among students, I suspect in psychological retort to affirmative action) and the fact remains that correlation does not infer causation.
    You can only breed the likelihood of personality traits among dogs, because individual dogs may still choose to act as they see fit and often do.
    And the human races cannot even be genetically seperated enough to even begin with assertions of increased/decreased potentials for peacefulness and intellectual traits. The distinctions between human "races" is more cultural and political than any other factor.

    The arguments against any form of eugenics outside the realm of growing better wheat are limitless. Put simply, it does not stand up to empirical evidence.

    Eugenics was pioneered by Darwin's brother, some two years after he published Origin of Species from memory. It's no more than a piece sibling rivalry in a totalitarian era immediately preceeding the rise of fascism.
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    Still, it is perfectly possible to create an extended family of humans with a set of desirable physical traits (tall, strong, blond, whatever). Human personality can be shaped to a good degree if you provide the right experiences to a person.

    "Growing better wheat" implies eugenics on the physical level, there is nothing technically wrong about that, the methods and techniques are readily available.

    I still have no idea what this means, can you explain it and define "empirical evidence"?

    By rivalry do you mean competition for more publicity? Otherwise Darwin's theory of evolution and natural selection do support the "science" part of eugenics.

    We need to define "eugenics" better here, there is the social aspect and the technical aspect, as well as eugenics as a method and eugenics as an objective itself - which also requires definition of the "eu-" part (prefix that means "good" in greek, the desirable traits in this case).

    And now, an apology for hijacking this thread in this most improper of ways! Can we maybe split it to another forum?
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    Excellent thread. Very well written and great responses.

    Should have been made a long time ago :p
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    How about claiming to do that quadrouple, 52 point exploding heart technique :p :D , or about knowing a guy who knew a guy that got a super special black belt with some kind of strip by killing someone in a super secret death match in the orient? :eek: (This was actually said to me by some jerk-at a winery I work at after I accidently called his friends BS claims by asking him about his style of kung fu---couldn't answer at all---oops). Had to seriouly hold back the tears of laughter on that one. :bang: My co worker who also practices got a real bang out of that guy--days of jokes.
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    Hi there gang,

    how do i get to the video sub forum that mat mentioned?

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    Holy thread necromancy batman.
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    Hmmm I agree with that!
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    I feel I should update here :D

    Here's a BAAAAAD one.

    Here, hadou posted a video where he made the most outrageous claims of doing MA's for 20 years and being able to found his own style. Unfortunately, his videos do not back that up and he went down in a fiery blaze of glory.......muahahahahah.

    Wushurichard is another example of this.

    I posted a video of myself too. The reason mine works is because I have never claimed to be anything but what I am. a sweet and cute little 2 year Shotokanny orange belt. And my video backs that up. Members here said my video is what they expected a orange belt would kind of look like. I never made outrageous claims and then showed a video that obviously doesnt depict a MA 'master' Or claimed I am a BB (when my video would show that I am not one)
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    IMO, the only reason that you want to post clips may be to promote your future book or DVD. Other than that, I see no good reason to do so. When you did post a clip, you want to make sure that your clip will meet certain standard.
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