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Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by Cain, Nov 30, 2002.

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    SoKKlab are Hoost and Aerts really Thai Boxers? I mean the K1 website does differentiate, in Jean - Claudes profile, it says hes US Thai Boxing Champ, but in aerts and hoost it says kickboxing. If they do do Thai, im a very happy person, because they are exceptionaly fighters showcasing excellent skills.
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    Yup Hoost and Aerts come from a Muay Thai background and have gone where the money is (K-1).
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    Yeah BTW Burmese Boxing (Bama Lethwei) (The ring sport side of it) contains Headbutts and more Legal throwing techniques than Ring Rules Muay Thai. Fought either Bare-Knuckle or with Hand Wraps.

    The fights are hysterical, imagine your favourite Pub fight of all time..Because you can't win on points, it's Knock Out or Get Knocked Out.

    My definition:
    Kickboxing is like a Magazine, lightweight, throwaway, useful for its intended purpose, but something that you probably won't keep.

    Muay Thai is like a Great Novel (War and Peace), something that, the more you read it, the more you understand...
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    Pretty much some good info there! :eek:

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    Here's a really great site that explains the differences between Kickboxing and Muay thai, as well as the history of Muay Thai.

    I also tend to agree that Kickboxing is watered down Muay Thai, or at least nothing more but full contact karate. I taught as a kid by my old Karate teacher (who also taught my class Kickboxing) that Kickboxing came as a Japanese combination of Boxing and Karate, which was created to combat boxing. I always found that story strange though, seeing as how I always figured a Karate fighter would be able to kick the crap out of a boxer because the boxer would most likely not know what to do against a kick.

    Anyway, I believe that the reason why Muay Thai is such an effective MA is not only because of it's effective techniques, but also because you spend so much time in the ring actually using these techniques in real fights. Keen asthetic doing is the best way to learn something and Muay Thai definately has that down in terms of fighting real opponents.

    It's like my Muay thai teacher told me on my first day (himself a blackbelt in Kenpo Kratae and Tae Kwan Do) "How are you going to give a blackbelt to a ten year old? Sure, he's learned all these techniques and memorized stances etc., but he most likely won't know what to do against a real oppnent, it's a whole different mindset." That's when I ask "..So, I take it there really isn't some sort of belt system involved here...." he simply smiled and said "Oh no, you EARN your merit in the ring:D !"

    That's when I went "Whoa:eek: ."

    Note: MY teacher doesn't think Muay Thai is "THE BEST" MA, he's told me that all styles are great, but it's how much time and dedication your willing to put into it that makes you good at that style (and a good fighter).
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    I read in Black Belt magazine today that Joe Lewis took the JKD that Bruce taught him, and combined it with boxing and karate to create the sport of kickboxing.....................................................

    I too at one point thought kick boxing and mui thai were one in the same. I always thought there was American kickboxing, and mui thai kickboxing. I thought they were both kickboxing, but just different styles. I was confused:confuse:
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    Yep the grappling skills are emphasized alot! Like you said to control the head for knee and elbow strikes not like jujitsu or anything.The amount of low kicking is absolutlely devastating to anyone not in Muay Thai their shins are like steel.Shodokan I believe its called is the only one I can think of that compares.A guy who looked maybe 5'6 150lbs. kicked right through 2 bats at the sweet spot:eek:

    If I remember right no non-Thai fighter has ever gone to Thailand and won a match fighting by their rules.That is like tee ball for them they start typically from 5-8 yrs old.
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  8. SoKKlab

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    depends upon your definition of Non-Thai Fighter.

    Alot of the Dutch 'Kickboxers' like Rob Kaman, Ramon Dekker etc hammered alot of Thai's at their own game (Muay Thai).

    At this point you could argue that they had both come from a 'Kickboxing' (WAKO inc. Low Kicks style) background and moved over into Muay Thai. Kaman particularly.

    Plenty of foreign fighters (Muay Thai stylists) have beaten their Thai opponents at Muay Thai. Ronnie Green, Dekker, Kaman (All excellent world champions), insert big list here.
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    Just like people come over to the uk to whoop out asses at cricket :D
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    If you want a good example of K-1 vs Muay Thai, watch Remy Bonjasky. In 2003 final, he logged less the 7 minutes fight time all the way through to holding the prize. apart from the fight vs Musashi, most of his knockouts/downs were with his knee strikes.

    In the Muay Thai competitions, most matches don't go the full time, as most opponents are knockout by the 2nd or third round.

    I also think, In K-1 you aren't allowed to clinch , or hold for more that 2-3 seconds without intent to throw a strike. While in the "real" muay Thai bouts, i think you can grapple for as long as you like.
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    I think it has similarity but Muay Thai is much more brutal!
  12. TheMasterSword

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    Muy Thai is def more brutal....

    i was wondering someone mentioned that the full hip throw was banned... why was it??? and what other moves are banned from the ring????
  13. SoKKlab

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    Currently Banned Ring Rules Muay Thai techniques are
    Full Hip Throws-as It's dificult to grab hold of the thrower in Boxing Gloves, hence the Throwee tends to land very hard on their head, leading to 'spiking' knock-outs.

    Techniques such as 'Giant Fells the Girl' are banned-
    a Pushover, lift and trip, straight backwards from the Clinch, so that the adversary falls on their Head.

    This Throw may come back into Ring Use, because of the Matches between Muay Thai fighters and San Shou Fighters.

    Supplex Throws (Of which there are afew in the Thai Arts) are banned, again no chance of grabbing on in Boxing gloves.

    Obvious Ones like 'Wrestling' techniques, such as Takedowns of the legs etc, are against the Rules. Although they are good Solid Ling Lom techniques and taught in the Thai Arts, but aren't Muay Thai techniques (Not for about Three Hundred years-Bring them Back!)

    'Dirty-Pool' techniques are borderline grey techniques that you don't do, unless someone does to you, including:

    Pak Luk Toi (Drop Double Elbows onto upcoming 45 degree Kick).

    Hak Ngoung Arawan -Catching A 45 Degree Kick or Full Roundhouse Under the Arm and then Dropping Sok Tong (Downward Elbow Smash) onto the KneeCap or the Thigh of the Kicking Leg.

    Stepping on the Caught Leg (My Favourite!) is a definite No-No, as Fighters Can't function with Legs shaped like Curly-Wurly's.

    Also Twisting the Foot of the attacking Kicking Leg is frowned upon.

    There's a whole load more of these. Burmese Boxing (Bama Lethwei-very similar to Muay thai) has Less Rules for their Ring Version.
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    Burmese Boxing and Muay Boran are identical, practically!
  15. darran

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    when??? this will be great.

    By the way apparently Thai clinch grappling is as deep as Greco Roman wrestling. My experience with Muay Thai tells me NEVER underestimate Thai clinch.
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    burmese boxing is quite different to thai boxing, especially in competition. headbutts, and throwdowns are allowed, and no gloves are ever worn. there are a coupkle of burmese boxing matches at
  17. darran

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    seen them.

    No, Muay is very much similar to lethwei. The techniques and rythm are very similar to each other. Pra Jeaw Sua Muay

    Modern day Muay Thai matches are different but the roots are the same, almost so similar infact that they both could be related. The Thais and Burmese have annual fights to commemorate Naikhanomtom. Thais have dominated these events for the last 30 years....

    ....I think Thai (especially Northern) and Burmese are very similar.
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    apart from the headbutts and the allowance of certain types of throw there is not a big difference between thai and burmese boxing. at the base of it- the techniques used and the training methods- they are almost identical. its only the rules of the ring that make them different (and using the hemp wraps isnt as lethal as you might think, gloves are only used to protect a fighters hand and to prevent cuts- not to protect the guy being hit)
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    KB spars allow knees, but don't allow elbows, although at KB class, elbow tecniques are taught, for self-defense purposes.
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    i train under a shotokahn instucter and have seen thai boxers fight and DEAR GOD!!!!! these guys are brutal!!!. in official competions we have to fight using minimal contact but when we train at our dojo we spar full force, not very fun when your only 16 and have to fight a 32 year old 6foot 2 monster :confused: but after seeing these guys fight id give my right arm to fight him over any of these guys!!

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