Reiki and its side effects

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Stewart, Jul 25, 2006.

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    Oh, so now how does someone else get this type of chi massage from a pretty Thai Lady. Ha :rolleyes:

    I would like more info on reiki as a hole cause i had someone say that it is a form of spiritual possession. What do they mean an what are they talking about? I can not tell you cause this just sounds like some wierd religious view of anything that is not a Christain idea.

    Anyone this is a honest question. Could have just been the person thought who said that, to get the other person to leave them alone not sure.

    And another said it is a pyramid sceem.
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    I've never heard anything about spiritual possession in Reiki. The Wikipedia entry suggests it as "spirit energy", I'd always heard it as more of an "energy of the universe" thing. I read through the entry and it seems to correlate with what I knew:

    In brief: This Japanese man (maybe a monk?) read up on the old holy men and how they could heal. Depending on who is telling the story, this may also have included stories of Jesus healing the sick, and the Apostles laying on hands. So he went up on a mountainside to fast/meditate/pray on how to do just that.

    After some time he had this vision of the 3-4 reiki symbols, and he began to channel reiki energy. There's a story of about three incidents along the way back down the mountain, one I think he cut his foot so that it was bleeding, and he was able to heal it. I don't remember the others.

    He went on to teach others about it, start a clinic in Japan, and such as that. There's some books with more history.

    From what I understand (and I am NOT a reiki practitioner. I trained under one, but never actually bought / received an attunement), the woman who brought reiki to the U.S. believed that people in Western society value what they pay for.

    There is at least one "official" reiki organization in the U.S., with fixed prices to pay for attunements. The 1st and 2nd degree attunements are reportedly semi-reasonable, but reportedly the 3rd degree FROM THIS ORGANIZATION is on the order of ~$10,000.

    My mentor was from an independent school, IIRC his rates were along the lines of ~$20 for 1st degree, ~$75 for 2nd, and ~$150 for 3rd. Unfortunately, I was a poor college student at the time, and I never budgeted it as a priority.
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    I should have looked there myself thankyou emberKSW!
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    I know it's been a while since I've been in here but please let me answer the question.
    It took 10 weeks for me to become a reiki 1 practitioner and another 10 weeks the next year to become a reiki 2, btw I have an OCN (open college network certificate which we was the first students to do the course in UK to be able to pass the course). Anyway not all practitioners are taught the same as you think as you can tell as I had a good teacher which wouldn't pass us until we knew what we was doing.
    Not everyone who teaches subjects knows what they are doing, it takes more that a simple level to show what type of teacher you are.
    You have to have respect for everyone no matter what stage your at, it's just a pity teacher aren't all the same, maybe students would learn a bit better but I suppose that it's thier Karma not ours.
    I don't charge that much as I don't agree with being paid for something which was given free, I do most of my treatments for free unless I have to charge for the equipment I've had to pay for like, oils and so forth as i still have to pay when I buy them don't I lol.
    I don't believe in cheating people as it always comes back on you, no matter what faith you are following at the time.
    Anyway if you have any questions then let me know lol
    see you soon
    lisa xx
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    Personally, for me (after catching up on the thread)
    I think religion plays very little role in energy work and theory. Every religion has it's own ideas, heck even overzealous faith can be seen as a energy healing. Prayer is a form of energy healing in my eyes, what are you doing but concentrating and putting all of your thoughts and emotions into a "prayer" for someone to feel better.
    I agree with those that have said, judge a "energy healer" (put in quotes because there are few true energy healers out there imo) by their merits. Have they truly healed people? Have they harmed people? I met some teachers that claim to be great energy practitioners and I do one meditation and feel utterly awful, even my spirit felt bogged down. Though I have also met others that made me feel truly great about my life and help me on a deep level.
    I say if there are energy practitioners out there that are healing people and helping people let them. My current Teacher is someone I would consider a "Master" Chinese Medicine practitioner (been studying the med. for 54 years) and has traveled the world teaching poor and underdeveloped nations how to heal themselves with acupuncture and Chinese medicine. He has been shot at, tortured and is on a few international death squad lists for his humanitarian efforts. This man practices Energy healing with Chinese medicine, all of his patients are extremely grateful to him and hold him in high respect. Yet he still tears up when he mentions how much death he has seen and wishes he could "have done something." He is a Barefoot doctor in every sense of the word.
    Regardless of his religious beliefs, this man has done more work and healing than some, fathers, pastors, rabbis, shamans, monks etc....This is my personal reason for not being able to base anything such as this on religious beliefs. I think everyone is entitled to their beliefs, but it pains me to think there are some out there that would think such a man is doing "the devil's work" or is "possesing his patients with evil spirits."
    Bottom line, there are charlatans out there in every area of life including religion, and it is simply not fair to make judgements based upon those charlatans. For there are truly authentic energy healers out there, just as there are true believers and people who have truly unshakeable faith.
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    I am not into the various Shaman's either.

    This may be of benefit to some and not to others.

    I have a feeling that this might offend but it is not ment to be given that way so if you are offended by my slight amount of typing and what I am saying don't read the links.

    It is akin to belief, if you do it is great, if you don't it is not.

    I know someone who was believing and took a bath with water and bleach to cleanse the body. OK! It might be a good idea if it is not to stiff of a bleach bath. But if you over did it, like a friend of mine did he was in a lot of pain.

    I believe you can equate the head-ache to stress, etc..

    I think those who believe are more prone to stress. Simple...If you are not afraid why should there be stress? The belief is the key, so it's only those who believe that are going to be affected.

    Mumbo Jumbo to me.

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    Trust your gut instincts when working with a healer or energy worker. If something feels "Off" go to someone else.

    As for that side effect. In my years of doing Reiki and Chi Gung Occasionally at the most I felt a headache or a bit of a head cold when releasing some blocked chi but usually it goes away after a good glass of water and some deep breathing. It never lasts more than a few minutes to an hour.
    Usually for the most part all my reiki sessions I have given and also recieved have all been very positive. I have never really had a session where My clients or friends have gotten "sick" afterwards.

    It is normal at first to "Purge" a bit as the body rids negative energy and toxins. But it shouldn't be DRASTIC!


    Santiago Dobles
  8. Paragonfortytwo

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    There are several options as to why somone may throw up after an energy work session;

    a) When energetic "blocks" are released, be it by acupuncture, energywork, bodywork, etc, there can be a wave or surge into the rest of the system energetically, which can also be observed by usually subtle physiological symptoms and often detox as has been stated above. If it affects the stomach energy or meridian, can cause puking.

    From a TCM point of view you can track the resulting organ imbalances and emotional reactions as they progress around the creative or destructive cycles (depending wether an excess or deficiancy has been released). It's quite fascinating to observe, and usually balances out in a few days. Sometimes you get crying, laughing fits, or mild depression, etc. It's perfectly normal and shows the energy is moving.

    b) Also, when a lot of external energy is dropped into someone not used to it, or with a bad "grounding" connection, there can be puking. It's just a matter of energetic wiring not being up to the voltage / vibration level. (It can be reduced by drinking lots of water and eating some very dark chocolate after a session, it's very grounding. )
    However, with Reiki, because of the attunements, this shouldn't happen. It is generally a very safe system.

    If one person pukes, no big deal. If two people puke, something may not be right.
    c) With energetic work it is VERY important the healer be emotionally and energetically "clean" so they don't pass their "bad stuff" on to whoever they are meant to be fixing. It is also important to make sure that it is not your own energy you are running, but "heaven" chi. Working from ego will not realy alow the chi to flow properly. What does flow will be tainted and can cause problems.

    d) The other issue which may be occuring is, that although the practitioner may be getting the energy to flow, they are not flowing with it and going through a set sequence of hand positions, mindset, etc, which simply may not be apropriate for the patient.

  9. Reiki

    Reiki Ki is everything!

    Reiki is very safe and there should not be side effects such as puking, however with major energy blockages and perhaps poor grounding as well this may be a side effect.

    Most of the people I've treated talk of light headedness and feeling warm. None of them have ever puked or felt unwell, but I always try to ensure that I am well grounded and I make sure they also drink a lot after a session.

    My suggestions are ground well and drink plenty of water after a treatment regardless of how you feel at the time.
  10. Paragonfortytwo

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    The other thing I should mention is going for a walk after a treatment is a good idea once initial disorientation has passed. Foot stuff is grounding, walking circulates blood and energy. ( I used to have to sit for about 20 mins after acupuncture, i got so dizzy). You can massage Ki 1 point (bubbling spring) to help during this stage and Co 4 (large intestine 4) and the bases of the finger nails to help with any nausea / dizziness. Put the hands on the belly button and rub clockwise and anticlockwise circles.

  11. Reikiinchennai

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    I'm also Reiki master in Chennai, I had no side effects from this training. My point of view there is no side effects in reiki, yoga and natural exercises.
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    You all actually believe reiki works?
  13. Reikiinchennai

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    Yes, of-course.
  14. Infesticon #1

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    I rely on my kidneys and liver to do all my detoxification.
  15. Dean Winchester

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  16. Reikiinchennai

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    Reiki is the natural meditation for avoiding stress, pressure etc.
  17. philosoraptor

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    What do you mean by 'natural'?
  18. Van Zandt

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    No, the "natural" and more effective, evidence-based intervention for dealing with stress and pressure is to simply avoid or reduce those activities and habits which are causing stress and pressure in the first place.

    Reiki is a hoax.
  19. Dean Winchester

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    That tells me what you think it is and not why you think it works.

    It's far too vague, could you be more specific please?
  20. Reikiinchennai

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    Reiki is not a meditation it's a defense. It's used for avoid medicines.

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