Red Zone Knife Defense Workshop (SoCal - 07/14/12)

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  1. Primal

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    Intensive knife defense workshop with Red Zone instructor Drew Pruhs (active duty LE, SWAT operator).

    Red Zone is a unique knife defense program that focuses on escape first and foremost. This means all techniques revolve around creating a window of escape at the earliest possible moment. When escape is not possible, gaining control of the weapon hand becomes the primary objective.

    WHEN: Saturday, July 14th, from 10am to 1pm
    WHERE: Primal Academy - Upland, California
    COST: $40 ($35 with early registration)
    CONTACT: (909) 920-4350


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  2. Aegis

    Aegis River Guardian Admin Supporter

    Event paid for, so the advert has been approved by the admin team.
  3. laszlo1986

    laszlo1986 New Member

    Some good stuff on here, but choosing to go two on one on the knife arm from the inside position with both hands under practically pulls the knife up to your throat if your opponent is so inclined to follow up with a slash there.
  4. brisrocket

    brisrocket Taekwondo instructor in Brisbane Australia

    I respect the training. Knife defence is very important to teach and to learn. The promo video here shows a lot of wrestling with the opponent though and smaller people (like myself, teenagers or just smaller built people) rely on technical moves like wrist locks, arm bars and using the opponents weight against them. It may be worth mentioning/confirming here that the course will teach how to beat opponents who are larger and stronger than you - this is important.

    PS: I like the knife used in the video. Haven't seen this type of electrically charged blade before, a good incentive to avoid the blade!

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