recommendations for training knife?

Discussion in 'Silat' started by Rogin, Apr 17, 2004.

  1. Rogin

    Rogin New Member

    I'm curious as to what type of knives fellow pesilats use for training.
    Do you train with the knife you carry, or do you use a knife just for silat?
    I'm thinking of getting a folder, maybe the slick clip 2 after reading bob orlando's article, because I carry a knife for work. It'd be great to train with the knife I carry.
  2. ptkali778

    ptkali778 Valued Member

    i practice a village style silat called jati wisesa, and we use a golok for training, I also know and dont mind having a kerambit...."folding kerambit is really cool" which is used by Mande muda practitioner, especially the harimau system... :D
  3. NeilX66

    NeilX66 Valued Member

    Try getting a knife that you like the size and feel of, and get a local machine shop or metal worker to make you one out of aluminium, you could even try it yourself if you fancy a challenge :D
  4. Rogin

    Rogin New Member

    The pukulan blade looks pretty fresh. My instructor has one from cool. I went with a folder, so that I can use it as my utility knife. I went with the Paragon slick clip 2. Super sharp...I've already cut myself a couple of time just playing with it! But now I can practice my knife djurus with the knife I carry.
    any of you guys have the pukulan knife?

  5. Steve Perry

    Steve Perry Valued Member

    I've got the Pukulan trainer. It's aluminum, and I love Steve's work -- check out his kerambits.

    For kerambit training, I have a pair made out of stiff leather that won't damage an opponent much ...
  6. grimel

    grimel New Member

    Not to be overly contrary, but, if you want to TRAIN to be able to use YOUR every day knife, but a knife/trainer set (ala Benchmade Griptilian, Spyderco Eudora). Use a fixed blade trainer for sparing. Use a fixed blade trainer for formal djurus and training. Use the drone of your EDC for serious training. Learn to access it AND open it during the training.
  7. Fist Of Legend

    Fist Of Legend New Member

    I use a golok and all other Silat weapons. For knife training I bought a set of 3 pisau's. I always carry one of them. By the way I train in Silat Harimau :D greetz
  8. Tittan

    Tittan Valued Member

    "The only choice of training knife and knife fighting instruction for those whose lives depend on it." -

    What edged weapons training system or tools are you using that gives you unquestionable, immediate and accurate results on your knife fighting offense and defense skills? How do you validate and measure your knife fighting ability and progress? If you can't truthfully answer that question then you are not maximizing your training and are not at top of your combat game!

    Yeah, I know... 100% cut&paste from their homepage, but it's not bs! I've used such a blade to practice with. Before I did, I thought I knew how to defend myself, but as I fought against one guy with a No Lie, I realized just how many times I got cut...

    Insane training weapon! You learn very fast with this one...

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