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    A long time ago i worked in a very popular pub come night club in Melbourne and it was full of smoke and that dry ice fog stuff that they spray around, i developed a very bad cough and whent to three different western doctors they gave me medication such as antibiotics none of them worked, the cough got worse over a period of one year and in the end i tried going to a Chinese doctor. He checked my pules looked at my toungue checked my eyes and asked about my lifestyle work etc. It cost me eighty dollars and he gave me a bunch of herbs rapped up in some butchers paper which i was to boil and drink one cup in the morning and one cup at night for two weeks, it tasted and smelled discusting but it worked no more cough at one stage before i went to him i coughed up something that looked like a small ball of plasticine.

    On another herbal subject can someone help me here a long time ago i bought a book about different herbal cures and i found a herb that cured asthma i had to boil it up and drink it and it worked the book has been lost and i cant remember the name of the herb does any one know?
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    TCM pathology doesnt map directly to Western disease, ie theres no such thing as "asthma" from a TCM perspective, only patterns.

    A formula that has been used for chronic asthma symptoms is Xiao Chai Hu Tang (Minor Bupleurum Combination). Asthma with heat (thick colored phlegm, thirst, etc), maybe Ding Chuan Tang (Decoction for Asthma)...Sound familiar...?

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