Real Hapkido in Boston area

Discussion in 'Hapkido' started by Mendes0010, Aug 7, 2012.

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    For years Hapkido was alive and living in Boston ,It was taught in the South shore area mostly Quincy .It was at the Quincy YMCA for 22 years and at one time had over 30 practising Hapkido Black Belts . It was Also taught in weymouth and several other locations .

    This was not a TKD class with some self defense thrown in all of the students were at one time under the KHA and eventualy the KHF .I know I was there and to best of my knowledge probably the father of Hapkido in Boston .

    It will be returning soon very soon ..........

    Hal Whalen
    7th Dan KHF

    Hapkido Chun do kwan
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    I am not sure if there are any Hapkido Schools in the Greater Boston area at this time. I ran several Hapkidojangs in the area since 1979 through 2009 spanning a 30 year period.
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    I was the first Hapkido Instructor in the Boston area ,I taught in Quincy for 22 years and in Weymouth Ma, for several years. I am not sure but I am the first I know of to teach in the area 1979 through 2009 . I still have a following but we are all getting older.

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