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    Since MAP began we have allowed the posting of event advertisements by contributing members for free.

    In recent years the cost of running MAP has increased dramatically as we try to cope with the ever-increasing numbers of posts and members whilst striving to improve the site.

    To this end we have decided to charge a fee to advertise events on the site.

    The rate for advertising events is 50% of the highest advertised ticket cost.

    For "Supporting Members" this rate is 25%.

    Over the years MAP has raised a considerable amount for various charities. Because of this, events that are in aid of a registered charity may be advertised for free.

    To pay for your advertisement, simply enter the entry fee for your event using the PayPal link on this page.

    Please note:
    a) All event advertisements require full event details to be posted in the thread and not just a flyer;
    b) The onus is on the advertiser to ensure that event advertisements comply with Martial Arts Planet Terms of Service as no refunds will be given for those that do not comply;
    c) Charity event advertisements require proof that the event is in aid of the charity, for example a page;
    d) Adverts may take up to seven days to be approved;
    e) Martial Arts Planet reserves the right to remove adverts without notice as per site Terms of Service;
    f) For events with a maximum cost of less than £20, we may offer to allow you to advertise for no cost if you contribute significantly to the forum in ways other than advertising. This is down to Admin discretion, so contact us if your event is low-cost and you have posted more than 50 times in the last 2 weeks;
    g) Please note that advertising events without GM/Admin permission will result in the thread being deleted and may also lead to a ban if we deem it appropriate.​

    If you have any queries or problems with this please contact Mitch or Simon either by Private Message or Email.

    The MAP Admin Team.
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