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Discussion in 'Silat' started by Wali, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. Wali

    Wali Valued Member

    Hey all,

    I've been away for a while, only popping my head once in a while to stay informed of what's happening here.

    In the meantime, we've been preparing for a joint Euro-Indo movie production called 'Rasa'. This is a co-production between Golden Light Studios and Magma Entertainment.

    The film's premise will be based on a kidnap, subsequent search through Jakarta and the Indonesian countryside, a mystical Keris, some love interests, and of course some good old fashioned, fast and dynamic silat!

    The film will star Steve Benitez, as well as some very well known Indonesian actors. The film is being Co-Directed by Chares Gozali (Silat Hustle, Elang) and Mark Wilenkin (Sundance Film festival finalist and creator of the cult 'Dancing Transformers' video which swept the Internet before the days of YouTube).

    I will be posting photos, clips, news, etc... as shooting commences. We aim to introduce a flavour of South-East Asia to the West (This film will get theatrical release in the U.S and Europe), before we start filming on the Mega-Budget blocbuster 'Dark Eden'.

    Welcome to all the new faces, and hello to all the old ones!

  2. Raden-Rahmat

    Raden-Rahmat Valued Member

    movies....Silat??? indon jaya!!!

    hey, im from south africa...if i could hold of it ill arrange for it to be screened here too....let me know when things get rolling to the screens...and btw, u r in the field so could you help me on locating the movie Fatahillah??? it was about Sunan Gunung Jati regarding his rally to free the port Sunda Kelapa from the Portuguese...not sure of the launch to big screen in Indon but it was said to be around 2000. i saw it 3 years later in Cape Town, Afrika Selatan. The local Indon Consulate arranged a film festival and i enjoyed reliving the days of resistance for Jayakarta...if you could on that it would be a bonus but even ur movie...im keen on it too....keep us posted...im sure you willl and im gona be hunting you sorry lol
  3. Wali

    Wali Valued Member

    Hey Raden-Rahmat,

    I'll see what I can find out about this film you want to see...

    With regards to S.A screenings, P.M me any details you have, and we'll see what we can do. The film will be completed by November, with scheduled release for March 08.

    I'll keep you all posted on developments...
  4. Kertas

    Kertas Valued Member

    Ooh filem boleh

    Wali welcome! This is interesting. Hope ur goal is reach, but please put some comedy in it Ok? Hehe.. So is it gona be english with indon subtitles?or the otha way round? I prefer indon wit english subtitle..coz english is a strange language. Have u ever wondered, if the plural of tooth is teeth,shouldnt the plural of booth be beeth? And the same goes for goose-geese.. Should the plural of moose be meese? So is Cheese,the plural of choose? If teachers taught, why dont preachers praught? Anyways,just asking.. I heard that the Fatahillah movie was kinda squashed for fear of heavy misinterpretation by western audiences. It was screened at a very sensitive time for muslims and the cons were outweighing the pros from an islamophobic viewpoint. The movie was based on fact, but the jihad/revolution theme didnt pass the palates of many western movie critics. Its quite interesting to note that by typing "filem pearl harbour" into google, you will find probably 5million results with clips and all..but type filem fatahillah and c wot happens.. Hmm let me try that agen.
  5. sly fox

    sly fox Valued Member

    sweet! hope you're doing well mate :)

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