Rapists- Deserving of mercy?

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by Rainofblades, Aug 13, 2005.

  1. Kwajman

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    There are a lot of innocent people in prison ya know....
  2. Slindsay

    Slindsay All violence is necessary

    You say:
    (Highlights courtesy of me :D )

    BKG replies with this:
    So the practisicing defence atourney says that the demeaning of the character you point out isn't legal (Thats the second highlighted bit ;) ) and he says that the idea of killing the rapist is a bad one. Now granted he doesn't justify this in this thread but he's spent a while going over it in another thread pointing out the legalities and essentially saying that if you kill a guy who isn't trying to kill you you'll be in crap.

    From there you give your own estemed legal view on the matter accusing him of watching to many Law and order shows and refference that well known case:

    Which convices me no end then because BKG points out that killing somoen who isn't trying to kill you is legally a bad idea you decide:

    Which is just awesome reasoning, backed up with mountains of evidence and at no point at all making you look like the Macho super hero you probably are. ;)

    And then throughout you'r post you repetaedly use the oh so convincing personal attacks and threats. Nice work.
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    Really? the Scott peterson case and the family that thier daughter was raped i mentioned were a tv show? NOT and just for the record i dont watch tv...havent in about 7 years its a waste of time...wiggle and make false claims all you want... Some lawyers do in fact play dirty to get clients off... if you deny that then you arent living in reality...even here you try to discredit the truth of lawyers playing dirty by claiming the cases i sited were tv shows ...maybe they did become part of that show, but you know for a fact they were real cases, you just dont like the truth to interfere with the case you are trying to make...hey maybe you really are a lawyer!
    BTW who the heck is mario? you assume you are so rightous that only one person on the entire internet could dare to disagree with OMG....YOU! :eek:
  4. Slindsay

    Slindsay All violence is necessary

    Err, the guy who posted about 3 posts after you called MarioBros? I'm just guessing here.
  5. BgRdNk

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    Yes there are...and thier are quite a few guilty ones back on the street...it seems to have something to do with how much money you have and how "good" your lawyer is...no doubt our legal system is in trouble...FBI labs making up evidence...the blue line as it called....lots of problems...how many high profile cases can we all think of where the rich walked free....now look at the people in jail for 8 years awaiting trial because they dont 500 dollars for bail, much less the millions needed for a crack team of lawyers like O.j and Michael Jackson get for instance...http://news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=sto...y/8yearsinalouisianajailbutheneverwenttotrial
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  6. BgRdNk

    BgRdNk Banned Banned

    SO a LAWYER has NEVER in the HISTORY of AMERICAN LAW called a VICTIMS personal life into question? You are deluded...i lost a family member to an act of a violence ....the lawyers did just that to keep thier client out of jail...the killer got 6 months after shooting and killing an unarmed retreating member of my family who came home on leave to find a strange man in his home...who killed him with one of his own guns from the nightstand...SO DONT TELL ME LAWYERS DONT TWIST FACTS TO SUIT THIER CASE...ITS THIER JOB!

    Rape isnt legal either and can and does result in death...like i said HOPING he is ONLY? a rapist and not also a killer or infected with a life destroying disease is NOT my first choice...thats MY opinion...the rapist and his lawyer's opinion seems to be just lay there and take it ill be done shortly and we can all go on with our lives....I DONT THINK SO....if i have to go to jail or die in the fight so be it.

    i wasnt aware you had to be a lawyer to have an opinion of rapist and how you and your family should respond to the rapist attack...so i guess i should give my wife and daughters a pillow when they leave the house instead of a weapon so they can be comfortable during the rape...should they also bring a blanket and wet wipes for the rapist to clean himself up as well?

    and you KNOW he is not going to kill you or infect you with a disease how?
    OH because the rapist told you so...ever heard of a double veteran? those were the guys who raped a woman and cut her throat as they reached climax...hmmm they killed the victim even though they were cooperating :eek: how unsportsman like! :rolleyes:

    what ever dude ...so you want to coddle rapist i wanna kill them...point made
    HMMMMM isnt rape a personal attack? and i didnt start the making fun i just fired back...oh yeah i forgot you guys dont believe in answering attacks in kind. :rolleyes: i should just take it too :p
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  7. Slindsay

    Slindsay All violence is necessary

    So what your saying is that lawyers will just break the law all the time anyway?

    No his opinin was simply that if you kill the guy before they rape you then your in trouble because how the hell are you gonna prove he was trying to rape you? All he did was criticise the cavalier attititude you endorse in your post.

    You dont have to be, but if you give your opinion on law and a lawyer gives a different one then who do you think is gonna be trusted when you provide no evidence for your opinion.

    Where the hell do you get this from, BKG says it's a bad idea to kill the guy from a legal standpoint and that you shouldnt havce a cavlier attitiude, from there you get to this :confused:

    It practically borders on the cheating. You dont know either way. As far as I'm concerned if you have to kill them to get away, all fine and dandy by me, you said kill them if you get the opportunity which is completely dofferent, what you seem to advocate would involve stamping on their head if you KO'd them or some such.

    My actual attitiude was to lock them away for life or if the victims of rape would have benefited from it kill them. You can look back at any of my posts to check this if you want, if you bothered to read the posts properly you would have noticed that I've actually had people close to me raped so maybe you would actually understand a little better where I'm coming from.

    BKG said you where ranting and wrong with reasons why, then you said he tried to rape 13 year old girls and said that I wanted women to carry wet wipes so rapists could clean themselves up afterwards.
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    Wow, this was predictable. *YAWN*

    Time to go find a productive thread. I have better things to do than feed the trolls.
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  9. mai tai

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    this thread has gotten kinda weird. but i can answer why prostites have pimps.

    1. ho's and pimps go together like peas and carrots. its not for protection, even a dumb ho figures this one out quick.

    prostitutes ...even given there jobs....like to have companionship...not just sex but someone to be with its kinda human nature...everybody wants someone.

    well a real man wont tollerate his women having sex for a living. picture it. him well honey i gotta go to the office today.
    her i gotta work today too... can you drop me off at the corner

    so a pimp is her man.

    another reason. is most prostitutes have chaotic lives and chaotic backgrounds, this is what they know.....and this is what they seek.
  10. BgRdNk

    BgRdNk Banned Banned

    no i said lawyers know the law and specialize in twisting it to suit the case they are defending at the moment....you know look for loopholes...destroy witnesses credibility...apply a smoke and mirrors effect to confuse the issue.

    oh, so wait until until after he rapes you then fight? that IS revenge...
    cavalier attitude? NO. a matter of fact attitude of a combat veteran? YES.

    If you have been raped and murdered opinions dont much matter...
    DEAL with the life threatening assault NOW if you survive...let the mouthpieces fight it out...if your rapist didnt have more money and you can therfore afford a better lawyer maybe you get off maybe you dont...but at least you arent raped...and he wont rape anyone else...

    Its also a "BAD" idea to rape someone...perhaps if more women killed thier attackers there would be less rapes? IE: the rapist realizes "if i rape and go to jail, i can get out rape again....but if i get killed i am dead...hmmm how dare these women fight back, i just want a little action..cant she share? why would she kill me?".... Because maybe it will send out a message...not only do we not negotiate with terrorists, we also dont negotiate with rapists. IE: you raped this woman and you can plead guilty or face a jury trail with stiffer penalties...thats negotiation...

    :confused: :eek: CHEATING???????????????? OKAY WE FINALLY GOT TO THE BOTTOM OF THE ARGUEMENT. YOU feel rape is a GAME with RULES...CHEATING???? that is perhaps the MOST unbelievable thing i have ever heard...without a doubt this will be my last response to YOU on anything EVER as YOU are DELUDED beyond comprehension.

    Again deluded...if you dont "get the chance" how are you going to kill them?
    you know when he breaks into your home and is stealing one of your children? and you catch him? or when he removes his attention for that split second to pull down his pants? Thats your window of opportunity...once its beyond those two points its hard to do much else except pray...

    hey no problem...if he escapes the rape in one piece and the police catch him and lock him up for life thats awesome...if i catch him first i probably will have to plead temporory insanity....IE he raped my wife or daughter, and i freaked out and killed him for it...if i go to jail so be it...he wont rape anyone else. I risked death fighting for my country on numerous occasions a little discomfort or death over fighting for my family i can accept.

    if defending yourself from rape is wrong fine...stick to your moral high ground and endure the rape and hope he is really a nice guy down deep and wont kill you when he is finished if you want...and i didnt accuse bkg of anything, i asked if HE went to parties frequented by underage drinking and smoking etc since he used that as a scenario of "acceptable accidental rape..." it seems to me any adult at a underage party full of illegal activity is looking for loopholes should he be caught...note he already broke several laws by being there and contributing to the deliquency of a minor...what kind of jerk defends someone who uses that defence?
    As for the wet wipes and pillow...you seem to object to a bringing a knife in case you are attacked by a rapist so i just thought i would ask if proper ettiquette was a pillow instead.
  11. BgRdNk

    BgRdNk Banned Banned

    like defend rapist right to rape? ....Have no fear I am out of here
  12. Slindsay

    Slindsay All violence is necessary

    Wow, best counter argument ever :D Sometimes I wish that I was like you and just ignored what other people wrote :D

    Feel free to claim you win the argument :D lol
  13. shaolin_hendrix

    shaolin_hendrix Hooray for Zoidberg!

    Anyone can change, even rapists, serial killers, cult leaders, gang leaders, hate group members, and mafiosos.
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  14. Jesh

    Jesh Dutch Side Of The Force

    Even if they can't, that's still no reason to execute them...
  15. shaolin_hendrix

    shaolin_hendrix Hooray for Zoidberg!

    I agree.
  16. BgRdNk

    BgRdNk Banned Banned

    Check this out... note how much he looks like michael Jackson before all his plastic surgery. Here is one of those "accidental" rapist who mistakenly raped 72 (or at least 72 counts of rape) kids while hanging out and blending in at thier parties...he seems to be a very upstanding guy...we should all feel bad for him. i sure hope he gets a good lawyer...maybe he should call MJ for legal advice....although he may not be able to afford them...in which case he will get A public defender ;)

    Pretending To Be Teen Charged With Numerous Sex Assaults
    Police Say McGhee Held Parties, Sleepovers

    POSTED: 12:02 pm MDT August 22, 2005

    AURORA, Colo. -- A 31-year-old Aurora man who posed as a teenager was charged in connection with 18 sexual assaults of underage boys and girls, Aurora police said Monday.

    Due to his youthful appearance, police said that Zuri-Key Latifbay McGhee had been passing himself off as being 13 to 15 years of age.

    Police began their investigation when the parents of a 14-year-old boy came forward after he told them he had been sexually assaulted by McGhee starting in 2002 and continuing into 2005.

    McGhee was arrested while living in an Aurora home with an 11-year-old boy and the boy's parents.

    Police said they were able to uncover 17 other alleged sex assaults on both boys and girls between the ages of 9 and 13.

    Investigators believe that McGhee met some of the alleged victims by volunteering at local schools, churches, etc. He would also host sleep-over parties for pre-teen and early teen juveniles at motels and other venues where social events could be held, they said.

    Police also believe there may be additional underage victims who are reluctant to come forward. They asked anyone who has had a close association with McGee to contact Detective Dean Ziegler at (303) 739-6088.

    McGhee is being held on n $800,000 bond on charges of sexual assault on a child -- pattern of abuse, sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust, sexual assault on a child and numerous related charges, police said.

    Police also said that McGhee has a criminal record in New Mexico.
    ALSO intersting to note he has a prior record...gee i wonder what thats going to turn out to be for? :rolleyes:
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  17. adouglasmhor

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    Well he looks like an aledged sex offender he must be one, maybe phrenology would prove his guilt.

    Yeah how dare guilty people be treated as human beings by due process they should just be burnt at the stake without trial afer being forced to confess under medieval torture.

    The article does not say so we should all just jump to the obvious conclusion.

    For anyone who is a bit special I am using sarcasm in this post.
  18. slipthejab

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    LOL! :D

    Yeah so maybe the solution is to just execute all public defenders.

    Can we say axe to grind? :bang:
  19. BgRdNk

    BgRdNk Banned Banned

    Ever try to chop of heads with a dull axe? :eek: it can be done but it certainly isnt humane :D

    nah no axes to grind...i could care less how you chose to train yourselves to survive...predators usually seek the weak and unaware...

    Think of the story of the the two men who suddenly realize they are being stalked by the leopard, the first says wait dont run you cant outrun a leopard! the second yells over his shoulder as he begins running...I dont have to outrun the leopard! i just have to outrun you! ;)

    if you cant see the threat because the halo over your head is blinding you then you wont ever know what hit you.

    It appears you feel everyone has the potential for compassion and caring about each other as well as respecting others personal rights and boundaries and if they lack this it can be taught to them so they can be productive members of society who will respect others as human beings and realize they should treat other humans as humans and not thier personal playthings to be used and tossed aside as it suits thier whim or needs.

    GREAT if this can in fact be done please start with our Politicians ... :p

    When the cream of the crop (our politicians, priest and police) have proven to be less than ideal role models/humans why you think the dreggs of society can be fixed up is beyond me...

    Keep in mind this thread asked for peoples opinion...not what the laws were...that being said this is my last post on the subject...

    If you want to befriend a rapist or child molester go ahead...

    if you want to marry one go ahead...

    if you want to hire one to watch your kids go ahead...

    if you want to hire one to drive your wife around go ahead...

    However if you knowingly bring one into my home / life and dont tell me who this person is as several of you advocate(you know who you are) and this person preys upon a member of my family...someone better pray for both of you...because laws preventing it or not i will hold you BOTH responsible for the damage/loss to my family. Because YOU have become this persons enabler...At this point i will become your disabler... :woo:
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    OK, this whole thread needs to cool off.

    Personal attacks, baiting and snide comments are not how we do things here, and if this subject can't be discussed without resorting to them, then I'll close the thread, and restrict accounts if needed.

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