Rape defense: Faking a seizure????

Discussion in 'Women's Self Defence' started by Microlamia, Aug 14, 2010.

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  2. Microlamia

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    I hate this body.

    112lbs of soft, defenseless gelatine.

    I felt so jealous of the boys going through puberty. They got cool stuff like height and upper body strength. I got a useless pair of breasts, messed up movement due to wider hips, and a lot of unwanted attention.

    Even though I was fairly harsh and androgynous looking, and tended to dress weirdly (I was trying to emulate Carrie Anne Moss...I looked more like a transvestite).

    Apparently these so-called 'boys' don't mind if you have zigzag androgenized facial bones, so long as you have **** they can grab and maul.

    Being female is not a condition worth having, unless you are Cyborg Santos, or Sarah Kaufman.
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  3. Moi

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    You don't still feel like that now do you?
  4. Microlamia

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    I'm ok.

    Sorry for unloading. It was fairly inappropriate.
  5. Moi

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    I'd like to say 'get it off your chest' but I think you might add me to your list.

    We never had any issues like that at my school but then there were no girls there.
  6. -Harlequin-

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    Yay, boobies. :banana:
  7. 6footgeek

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    Meh. Is ok.
    Back when i went through puberty the only women i got the hots for were on my PS2... *YUNA!! drool*
    All my class girls did'nt really exist for us boys back then. And the elder ones... well they were older. and over here elder means sister or aunt =P
  8. Microlamia

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    Just make sure their owner is your fully consenting girlfriend.
  9. Moi

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    It surprises me that it's any other way but that's an all boys school for you. Women tend to be put on a pedestal. Still they got to dance somewhere (sorry)
  10. Microlamia

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    I don't want to be reliant on guys. I am a 20 year old woman not a little child.

    No, we do not have the easiest life.

    Did you grow up in an environment where sexual harassment was commonplace? Did you get in trouble for slapping or pushing someone to get them to stop fondling you against your will? Did you get reprimanded because you told the guy who wouldn't stop grabbing your breasts IN CLASS to '**** off', while he got away with the behaviour?

    Do you have to tolerate being mauled around every time you go to some social event?

    Do you have to quietly accept being groped because the guy is bigger than you, and he gets aggressive if you tell him to quit it and go away? (Not that I actually do tolerate it quietly).

    Yeah...being a woman rocks. Not.

    I'd rather have some actual muscle mass than breasts any damn day.
  11. Moosey

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    You know all the things about self-defence being mainly awareness of your environment and avoiding bad situations - do you practice that?

    Not trying to be argumentative, just wondering whether it's situational awareness more than muscle mass that might see you right.
  12. Fish Of Doom

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    moosey, there's not much situational awareness that you can have if you're being groped inside a classroom ¬_¬
  13. Moosey

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    She's said she's 20 and after mentioning the classroom started talking in the present tense.
  14. Fish Of Doom

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    ah, good point.

    maybe she means uni, though?
  15. Microlamia

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    In the first case, situational awareness wasn't much use. I knew where I was. IN CLASS AT SCHOOL. Didn't prevent the behaviour from going on. No wonder I left that poop hole early.

    As for social events...I just don't go out any more really. I don't feel like more helpings of people vomiting on my feet and grabbing my breasts. Plus I do have a rage problem. I don't deal well with strangers getting too friendly and touching me.

    Situational awareness is cool, but you have to go to the toilet sometimes, and there's not much you can do about the group of thugs hanging out on the way to the loo. I did learn the trick of waiting for a group of women to go to the toilet together, as they are less likely to be harassed.

    Also, in a crowded room, hard to know which of the A holes on that dance floor or in that pub are the ones to avoid.

    Did I mention drunk dudes in taxis thinking it's ok to touch you up?

    Young 'men' thinking it's a huge laugh to block the door to the taxi office, and threaten to rape you if you talk back to them?

    Granted this town is a bit of a toilet. People may be a bit more civilized where you are.
  16. -Harlequin-

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    Careful the actions of a few, dont cause you to hold a negative view of the many.

    I know its not easy, but try to remember, every man is as different as every woman.
  17. Moosey

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    Again, not trying to be a pain but you talk as if going out means getting wrecked in a nightclub. Your complaints are that when you're out drinking dudes try to touch you up, start fights, get aggressive. So surely one element of situational awareness would be avoid going drinking in nightclubs? They don't tend to be places where you meet the nicer elements of humanity at the best of times.

    If you don't like your town and you don't go out there anyway, or enjoy going out there, why not move somewhere nicer? You're right to an extent in that it is fairly nice where I live, but I only live here because I moved here, not because I have family here or grew up here.
  18. Microlamia

    Microlamia Banned Banned

    I don't drink, and I tend to wear what you would call 'modest' clothes. Why do you assume I like to 'get wrecked'?

    That's why I don't go out any more. Naive little me thought it was a nice place to enjoy the loud techno music and the neon lights. Nope.

    Would like to move somewhere nicer, but won't be able to afford that in the short term.

    @ Harlequin: I didn't say all men were monsters. Clearly these types are the underclass, not the norm. :)
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    Closed for cleaning of off topic posts.
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  20. Metal_Kitty

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    In my experience, there's A LOT of sleazy guys around...but I've never come across one that has done anything too extreme. It's usually just sleazy comments, a slap on the ass, lifting up my skirt, forced hugs, and arms around my waist or shoulders. Nothing worth hurting someone for. But I do get angry as well, and they usually get an earful of nasty verbal abuse. It's definitely a cultural problem more than anything else. Those type of guys usually don't think they're doing anything inappropriate (of course I'm not talking about blatant sexual assault). And sadly many girls actually welcome that sort of attention. Doesn't help our cause, does it?

    In terms of being a girl....I love it and I take a lot of pride in my femininity. And I don't see any reason why a girl can't be just as good at self defense as a man...and that's why I train hard!

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