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Discussion in 'Tae Kwon Do' started by Mandras, Jul 13, 2008.

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    Hi guys,
    Just a question I was finding it hard to get a definitive answer for:
    In Hwa-Rang when going from the left walking stance x-fist pressing block to the l-stance side elbow, does the left foot:

    A - stay where it is and merely pivot to allow you to bring the right foot round and move into the l-stance


    B - move slightly across (to the left) before being followed by the elbow strike in l-stance?

    Hope I've described that somewhat clearly, any ideas would be great :)
  2. FeloniusMonk

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  3. sue1

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    I keep the left foot where it is and pivot.
  4. Ty-00

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    According to my instructor (hopefully a soon to be 7th dan and the patterns guru in NZ) the up-to-date movement is: left foot stays put, right foot slides forward towards your centre line as you being to turn. As you turn the right foot pivots and your left foot slides across to your (now) left to form the L-Stance. As you come into the stance your momentum will allow you to slide backwards. The oldschool way was to leave the left foot planted and pivot around it and then slide. However if you do the rest of the pattern technically correct you should not get back to your spot, you will wind up too far to your right. I also found that arching like this meant I was not travelling as straight into the elbow strike and the slide would not come as naturally.
  5. estranged13

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    i vote "A"

    but as i just said in a diff topic

    ask your instructor cause diff clubs and schools may do things slightly different
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  7. Mitch

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    Did I just make the shortest post in MAP history?:)

    If someone can ask a question to which the answer is "omega" I get to Godwin all of MAP, wowzers:D

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    I think mitch and i must do the forms close to the same way even though theres a ocean between us lol
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    (Apart from this bit, it would have been the 2nd shortest post in MAP history :D)

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