Questioning The Grading systems place in Judo

Discussion in 'Judo' started by Gripfighter, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. Hugh Jass

    Hugh Jass Valued Member

    Rather a lot of flip flopping. You make an initial post whinging about a grading system and making out you deserve a higher grade, then spend the rest of the time saying you weren't whinging.

    Nothing wrong with having opinions or a discussion if its based on some level of knowledge. Don't expect them not to be challenged though, and when it comes to challenging them no one has been as immature in their responses as you.

    As BJJ is becoming more organised lots of the schools are developing a curriculum, check out Roy Dean he has a test for all his grades. When I got my blue belt it was a formal test, apart from being beasted by the rest of the acadamy I was given a written test. Nothing hard, just a bit about the history of BJJ and our acadamy. There are reasons behind the theory requirments for grades, it will give you more insight and puts what you are learning into context.

    This is all a bit like shooting fish in a barrell now though. Good luck with your training, put the work in and you'll get what you deserve.
  2. Cuong Nhu

    Cuong Nhu Valued Member

    You ever go to read a thread, and when you're done, you just cann't help but think to yourself "This thread needs to be deleted, and everyone in it should be punished for the horrible, horrible things they're doing". Yah, I just had one of those moments.
  3. Freeform

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    I guess Rocket's gone then?
  4. Cuong Nhu

    Cuong Nhu Valued Member

    Not surprised.
  5. righty

    righty Valued Member

    Oh come on. Not everyone surely.
  6. Cuong Nhu

    Cuong Nhu Valued Member

    I certainly deserve to be punished for this horrid thread.
  7. Freeform

    Freeform Fully operational War-Pig Supporter

    Cuong Nhu and Rocket3 perhaps. Myself, Frodo and Righty, definately not.
  8. Cuong Nhu

    Cuong Nhu Valued Member

    Yah, ok then.
  9. stephacts238

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