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Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by shotokanwarrior, Oct 4, 2004.

  1. oldshadow

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    If you ever get in with a good body worker you will never forget it. Getting hit in the head really doesn’t hurt unless it the nose. You just stay up or go down. Body shots will test your heart. Knocking someone out is OK but nothing is better then working someone’s body so hard they go to one knee and give up. One of your best investments as a fighter is to learn how to properly work the body .
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    The body is a better target if you're in close enough to do it. The problem is that a straight punch to the gut leaves you vulnerable for a straight punch to the head, which has better range because the arm doesn't have to travel down. Up close, where you use circular punches, the body is a better target.
  3. oldshadow

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    For body shots bend your knees.
  4. Timmy Boy

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    Took the wind right out of my sails there :D
  5. shotokanwarrior

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    Hey, you know when Sunshine Fettkether KO'd Randy Pittman with a knee to the abdomen...was that a literal knockout or just a TKO?
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    Here's are the simplified versions of what TKO and KO are.

    TKO (Technical Knockout)= The ref stops the fight even though the fighter is on their feet before the count of ten. The fighter can also never go down and be TKOed. The ref just feels they have taken too much or they are not fighting back.

    KO (Knockout)= The fighter can not get to their feet before the count of ten.

    One thing as you can see with this is the fighter can not really be “out” and it could be considered a KO. This is where the disputes on whether the stoppage was as KO or TKO comes from. Some believe that to be a KO the person must be “out”. I think if you can not get to your feet by 10 it’s a KO.
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  7. KenpoDavid

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    this is 100% correct according to the rules of professional boxing. In addition, the rules vary from bout to bout and sometimes the doctor can stop the fight too.
  8. oldshadow

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    Correct in some places the doctor can stop the fight himself by signaling the ref. This could be an TKO , no contest or draw depending on the situation. Some places the ref stops the fight on the doctor’s advice again with all of the possible results.
    Also in some places if the corner “throws in the towel” it is a TKO and other places it’s a disqualification.
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    Hey guys,
    According to an article on alcoholism, there are no nerves in the liver to register pain!!!!

    So what's in there that's so sensitive??
  10. Jayar

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    The Liver does not regester pain but the ribs and muscles around it do. The knockout comes from the sick feeling that results from a few good liver shots. A winded feeling

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