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Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by cwilli0414, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. cwilli0414

    cwilli0414 New Member

    Hi everybody,

    I'm looking to switch styles and have always wanted to learn Kenpo. The only school in my area is an Action Karate franchise. I took a couple of classes but while their katas match everything I've read and watched their self defense techniques have different names "Darting Serpent, prayer of death" etc....
    I understand there are numerous styles of kenpo: american, shaolin, kara-ho etc.. Does anyone know if Action Karate is one of these forms of Kenpo or something commercial that's been invented? I'm a traditionalist and it's important.
  2. Kokoro-Dave

    Kokoro-Dave Valued Member

    As far as I know it's perfectly legit and based on Ed Parkers American Kenpo. If you want more info do a search for Al Tracy Kenpo.
  3. blindside

    blindside Valued Member

    I don't know anything about Action Karate, except that those tech names sound like Tracy terminology. Where are you? Maybe someone could offer a suggestion.

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