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Discussion in 'Internal Martial Arts' started by gerard, Jan 10, 2005.

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    Instrumental Transcommunication

    Whilst looking into precognition on the net, I came accross this page detailing scientific work being done in ITC.
    It seems to be legitemate, respected scientific research being held to close scrutiny with verifiable results..


    - here are details of an older experiment (1943) from the same pages regards to precognition by a London University Maths Professor.

    I'm going to look into this a bit more, well at least untill I find the 'playboy effect' ;)

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    Oh, I woudn't limit the disscussion to just six.
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    Well there's the problem then Snob, you believe in stuff that you cannot prove in any way shape or form, and simply say over and over it exists without presenting evidence. I see no more point in continuing this until you are willing to commit your multiple extra-sensory whatchamacallits to scientific testing.
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    its already been done. Check my last post. But apparently, that scientific test wasnt scientific enough for you... :rolleyes:
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    Can current Science explain everything ?

    I prefer Blue over Red.
    I like Michelle but not her identical twin Jenny
    My hand is made of soft tissue and frail bones but can smash a brick without injury

    Can Science explain that?

    Light is a wave and a particle, but each negates the existence of the other.
    Up to the 1970’s doctors smoked and declared there’s no proof smoking causes lung cancer.

    Up to the 1939 Alchemy ( changing one element to another) was fantasy .
    SCIENCE declared it was IMPOSSIBLE to transform one element into another.
    That year, using a Cyclotron Atom smasher, Uranium was changed into Lead in a nuclear lab.
    Today scientist realise that alchemy happens in any decaying radioactive material.

    Also can science explain why there are so many arrogant people who keep rejecting things that they don’t (yet) understand?

    ....Physical science graduate with 2 degrees
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    Cat, This was quite a read! Thank you.
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    "Err Cap'n, we seem to be drifting off course..."

    Can we please keep this on topic - which is, IMHO, qigong development and it's effect on your and other's body in terms of health and Internal MA development.

    Otherwise we can split this thread and take the science ethics/methods subject to Off Topic...

    thanx !
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    ok, go and take a pinch of salt. :)

    my current pet theory on chi:

    the feeling of 'chi' is just our sensitivity to nature (our own + nature external to us)

    My thinking behind it:

    Did you ever wonder why some people are more sensitive than others? We all have the same 5 senses don't we? So for example, why do some people suffer from seasonal adjustment disorder (SAD) and others don't. Ok so lets assume you combine the 5 senses (which happens subconciously anyway) so now you have 1 'super sense' in addition to your 5 original, seperate senses. If you measure this sense on a scale of say 1-5, some would be a 2, another would be a 4 etc.

    If we all have the same senses then why is our 'super sense' different from one person to the next. Maybe it has something to do with the combining factor? Could this be the reason behind why some people sense a feeling of their own energy and can sense the energy of nature and others don't. Does qi gong through its its varoius practices, make a stronger connection between mind body and external thus boosting this 'super sense'?

    Another question is what exactly is it that we sense?
    the ebb and flow of natures energy?
    The heartbeat of life?
    Why are you energized, when its a beautifull day outside?
    And not so much when its miserable.
    I'm sure there's perfectly valid scientific answers to these but isn't it the same thing with different labels?

    So I conclude that you can measure 'chi' because chi itself is a mere measure of our own sensetivity. :)

    I know its a bit flowery, but there you go. Make of it what you will

    Help, questions, opinions on a postcard

  10. gerard

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    I like your post because it's honest and lacks of ego. In addition what you think is close to the real answer.

    Thanks mate,

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    I like that explaination Geo... will do some thinking on it...

    Gerard... so do you have the real answer...??? if so what is it...??
  12. cloudz

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    :) Thanks for the input guys
  13. gerard

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    Sensitivity is related to soul sensitivity. Qi is soul and this topic is dependant on the Karmic development of the individual. Materialistic science will argue here, whereas a Buddhist or a Taoist will not because these philosophies atre introspective in their methods, hence qi is not seen as a falacy or something that cannot be proven. Anyway I believe western science will be able to prove qi one day, in a near future. Chinese science has proven qi but they are not willing to publish their results, i.e. in Nature, because of the Chinese pride. They think leave qi to the Chinese.
  14. Shadowdh

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    Qi is breathe or air... the term Qi has also grown (mostly in the west it appears) to bcome a blanket term for biomechanics and bioprocesses... but I have never heard it reffered to as the soul... The bit about Chinese science having proved Qi but wont show it smacks of petulance and perhaps deceipt...
  15. CKava

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    China has made a scientific breakthrough and has not felt fit to reveal this to the rest of the world... (sigh) Don't you think this might be clutching at straws slightly? If the 'Chinese' were the arrogant people this suggestion proposes I would say its much more likely they would be publishing their findings and sending copies to every major scientific organisation they could find.
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    Chi n Science?

    Guyz, what's this thread all about? Chi n Science? But we don't have to prove it?

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