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    So I can only assume that nobody has any idea what this was even about. It's about a particular aliveness and immediate-ness. It's chewy. Curious no one commented.
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    Sorry, Buddy, I was out most of the day -- drove to silat class, then had to pick my son up at the airport, just got home -- else I'd have spoken to it before.

    We don't call it "chewy," but certainly the idea of being relaxed and able to move instantly with flow is part of what we do. Or, attempt to do. Most of us aren't at that level. There are various metaphors we use to describe the stages of adeptness in our art -- Todd has these posted somewhere -- from knowing nothing, to being able to do the right thing without conscious thought about technique.

    I came across this reading about kendo and iaido before I ever had a chance to study those -- the idea that, one moment, the sword was in the sheath, and the next, in your hand, without any thought between the two.
    (Also that sense of total awareness called "zanshin.")

    If I had to guess, I'd go with the idea that most arts have this kind of thing as a goal.
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    Thanks Steve.
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    Hi Buddy,
    I can't open the website page...May PM me and attach the article?

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