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Discussion in 'Tae Kwon Do' started by Bulldog, Nov 20, 2003.

  1. Bulldog

    Bulldog New Member

    I've been asked to do a few (just me) demonstrations and quite frankly...I get bored with the idea...ha ha

    Since I know that there have to be some schools that have demo teams...I was wondering if anyone had any neat or creative ideas for demonstrating Taekwondo...

    Breaks? Self Defense? Forms? Kicks? Stunts?

    I'm sitting here with pen in hand...thanks!

  2. Kof_Andy

    Kof_Andy New Member

    1 man demonstartion is lame, really not much you can do. Other than poomse..... even breaking you will need proper holders.
  3. neryo_tkd

    neryo_tkd Valued Member

    do holders count or not????
  4. Bulldog

    Bulldog New Member

    I guess I'm being a little "slow" here...I could do some weapons stuff too...maybe set some concrete patio blocks on fire and then smash them...that's a crowd fav...Or maybe to really spice it up, I can set myself on fire and they can throw concrete patio blocks at me...

    I know...one man/woman demo team...not really exciting...
  5. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

    yeah you are rather limited as far as demonstrating self defense or sparring.... but as far as breaking you can set the boards on a series of concrete blocks and break a whole line up of them with hammerfist or axe kick.

    You can perform a variety of speed breaks too.

    Music..... definitely music. Great for breaks and also for forms. Find something to "fit" the form you are doing. Music keeps people interested and adds to the energy. Keeps you motivated too.

    Create your own form with a series of techniques you particularly enjoy doing.

    I'll keep thinking!
  6. Bulldog

    Bulldog New Member

    Music is always good...thanks for the reminder...(pencils that in on journal)!

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