Push Up Challenge

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Jeff Burger, Oct 17, 2003.

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  1. hongkongfuey

    hongkongfuey Kung Fu Geek

    You 'nearly' missed the deadline there! ;)

    No more entries now - the challenge begins tomorrow for the 'crazy fools' who have signed up to this idiocy.
  2. khafra

    khafra New Member

    woohoo! My triceps are quivering in anticipation.
  3. Red Dragon 1961

    Red Dragon 1961 New Member

    Current 25
    Goal 100
  4. smabry

    smabry New Member

    When will the next push-up challenge begin?
  5. aml01_ph

    aml01_ph Urrgggh...

    Try this method. Do your absolute best without rests. Then divide it by three and do this number of pushups for in one set of three sets with one minute rest between sets. (If your best was thirty, you will do 10 pushups per set of three sets with minute rest between sets). The gradually decrease the rest period between sets. Your 1 set best should increase within two months.
  6. smabry

    smabry New Member

  7. thekingster

    thekingster New Member

    Please include me on the next Push Up Challenge.

    Greatly appreciated.
  8. zun

    zun New Member

    What I suggest is in the meantime you prepare for the next challenge (assuming there is a next).

    I think there are some people who may have found it too tough already.
  9. thekingster

    thekingster New Member

    That's why I asked to be included in the next challenge.
  10. zun

    zun New Member

    Good luck.

    btw, aml01_ph methods seems quite good. Not sure about the 1 min break though :)
  11. Infesticon #1

    Infesticon #1 Majesticon

    what's wrong with the 1 minutes break?
  12. zun

    zun New Member

    Way Too Long by 60 secs! :D
  13. aml01_ph

    aml01_ph Urrgggh...

    The one minute rest are for those who do not have the much muscular endurance needed for the pushups (those who can't do at least 50).
    The rest period is based on the fact that enough strength usually returns after 1 minute of rest between sets. If you don't find it challenging, you are welcome to decrease the rest period between sets or add reps to each set.
    Thanks for the compliment.
  14. grandmaster mat

    grandmaster mat wataaaahhh!!

    count me in on the next challenge
  15. Infesticon #1

    Infesticon #1 Majesticon

    well, I've doubled the amount of pushups I can do already.
  16. Redhotdragon

    Redhotdragon New Member

    Count me IN for the next one...i can do 50 atm...
  17. edz

    edz New Member

    bla! registered 2day... would have entered too!
  18. antifuse

    antifuse Valued Member

    Sign me up for the next challenge! :)
  19. Redhotdragon

    Redhotdragon New Member

    there gunna be another one??
  20. YODA

    YODA The Woofing Admin Supporter

    No idea - Jeff Burger hasn't posted since December 8th despite having visited the forum on 25th.

    Maybe he's lost interest.
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