Protein Requirements for Different Strength Qualities

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    17 years of weight training and trying all sorts of macro percentages. Why don't you do your own personal findings instead of badgering me based on your "scholarly" readings? I wonder if most of those who write that stuff even pick up a weight to begin with?
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  3. Mangosteen

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    Maybe your at one end of the bell curve mr saved in blood.

    Anecdotal evidence is pretty rubbish.
  4. Giovanni

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    ok, that sounds great.

    look i'm not saying that the recommendation can't be wrong. we saw what happened to the recommendation to eat more grains (the pyramid) in the early 80's--hello, obesity. but i doubt that any recommendation is based on "ignorance". it's ok to question any science; name-calling doesn't really further the discussion, only ends it.

    obviously, lots of protein works for you. but there is some interesting data out there: the body seemingly only absorbs a certain amount; protein requirements for even elite athletes may be overstated; the health effects of too much protein consumption; etc. etc.

    for myself, i just eat lots of plants, some meat, some dairy. for me to reliably gain muscle, i have to train either in bjj, calisthenics, yoga, or weights regularly. i try not to over-think it, and while i train in bjj and compete, i'm not an elite athlete or professional by any stretch.
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    By rubbish, I assume you mean 'embarrassing for the person proposing it as proof of anything'.
  6. Mangosteen

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    anecdotal evidence is great for demonstrating where on the bell curve one sits
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    hey guys what's up again I'm just gonna chime in here real quick because it might give me a hand with my training as well as answer op. I'm not big on training for power I train a lot for endurance, in fact my only real muscular power developing exorcize is the pull up and I only do it about two or three times a week. However I do a whole lot of push ups and dumbbell exorcizes in the sixteen rep range and usually only about two to four sets of those.
    I'm seeing huge gains in my appearance I look pretty lean and I've increased my pull ups from none to thirteen in the past year, I'm eating three square meals a day mostly low fat stuff like chicken and shrimp, I only drink a protein shake when my meals and snacks for the day don't equal twenty two hundred calories a day.
    Just saying I look good and feel pretty good and I'm eating pretty normal stuff and not using supplements.

    Feed back please.

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