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Discussion in 'Women's Self Defence' started by Indie12, Mar 26, 2015.

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    Nice ideas KarateMum. I think the common sense stuff would be part of #5. I could set up with using an ATM on the street and the risks (e.g. what criminals are looking at to mark you as a target) for #4, then #5 would be best practices like use a ATM inside a branch, don't flash cash or show expensive jewelry, etc.

    For something like the power slap, no single technique works well. I use something called the "boyfriend/husband test". Try to teach stuff that works against your boyfriend or husband because they are likely the ones around that you can practice with or are the ones that likely will criticize what you learned until proven otherwise.

    So I could take someone like you, for example, and teach power slap as a trigger + combination. The trigger is to put your hand on the attacker's collarbone as if you might be trying to gently push them away. Combo that this triggers is hand on shoulder slaps to the near ear, other hand then slaps to side of head or face, follow with kick or knee to groin... push them off you and run. So you focus on the trigger being what starts it... this way a woman won't be wondering or hesitating when is the right time to act.

    Naturally, before you can put hand on shoulder, very likely that your arms may be grabbed, so next trigger to work off of is having your hand grabbed... knee/kick, drop your weight, break the grab, knee to groin... push them off you and run.

    Not saying to hurt yourself or your boy friend or husband, but find ways that they can help you test things out. If they refuse, that is okay because you at least asked for their involvement instead of leaving them out.
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    You should come train with some of us at JWT'S place karatemum, you'd have a ball, learn a lot and I bet your confidence would grow too.

    Plus you could hit lots of your fellow MAPpers; it's win/win I tell you! :D


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