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    First off I'd like to thank Van Zandt for all of the effort and threads he has created to help all of us restricted people become more flexible! Your help is appreciated by all man. However, I do have some issues and more questions for you :p
    I started Martial Arts when I was 14 (am now 19) and have always had problems with my adductor flexibility on my right side restricting me from ultimately kicking high and sometimes when I'm not completely warmed up, to the body as well. The tightness in my right adductor also means I can't turn my hip over when throwing the left high kick/body kick. It's gotten to a stage where its becoming quite frustrating especially when I am trying to expand on my stand up game.
    For the past 9-10 weeks I have been stretching every day + for the last 5 weeks I have been doing dynamic stretches 1-2 a day (front leg raises, side leg raises etc). I stretch my adductor a lot during these sessions, focusing on my right one for most of the time. I feel relaxed during the session but one to two hours later I get a bit of soreness and then the next session I realise I have not progressed at all and even sometimes feel like I have lost some range of motion. I am 3 weeks into Isometric stretching seriously and am on level 6 of your program. I feel sore for half a day on it so I am not pushing myself too hard with the isometric stretches. But yeah, in the straddle stretch and the stretch where you splay your legs across on a wall similar to the straddle stretch my right adductor cannot relax and whenever I come out of the stretch it is quite sore and feels locked in place almost. I wanted to know am I maybe stretching the adductor too much? Is there another area I should be focusing on to help me release my adductor? Any help (especially from VZ) would be greatly appreciated. It's getting quite annoying. No progression at all.
    Even a little program for me to follow would be nice.

    Thanks a lot, SeanG
    P.S. never been injured in that area and am not tight anywhere else

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