Professor Chow Memorial in Hawaii

Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by dianhsuhe, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. BGile

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    This event, will it still take place?

    I noticed the plaque dedication is going to be this thursday May the 17th, that is good. It will be a monument for all, and the unity will continue you'd wish.

    Unity is a good thing, the problem is, some just don't want it. Me I am all for it. Unity and freedom for all to chose their destiny, is good.

    What America is all about some say.

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    Look who's back!
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    Yep back, and already bored. So what have you been doing of late? I have been reading a book about Arnis by Jose Paman do you know him? He is in the Sacramento area. I am going to ask Pat about him, he has written many articles for some mags about Kosho and Escrima. Seems like a nice guy met him briefly at Pats about 6 mos ago.

    I am not real familiar with the art he is writing about, "Ernesto Presas Kombatan". But it is like most of the arnis and escrima and kali, it is with empty hands, sticks, knives and swords. :D


  4. Nuck Chorris

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    Hmmm. Haven't heard of him. Right now the hot ticket is Doce Pares. Maybe go check out some of those seminars. I am taking it easy right now. Much needed "vacation."
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    I have been to quite a few of the "Doce Pares" seminars. Pat had a good seminar on saturday.
    We did some of the art of Cabales, and some of the kali that is taught by Inosanto, call's it the Inosanto blend. Juanito LaCoste Is now pretty much what some call it. But it is just a part of the whole.

    Canete's have a big piece of the pie, that is for sure.

  6. dianhsuhe

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    Yes, the memorial is still on.

    I am really looking forward to it!
  7. BGile

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    That is good any word on the plaque dedication? Any spies over in the area to give you feed back? :confused: I have been accused of late of being a spy for others.
    Oh hum...
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    From the Kajukenbo Cafe - May 17, 2007
    " Just got back from the plaque mounting ceremony. In a way I was disappointed that there was only a handful of people there. It was run by Bill Chun Jr., there was about 3 family members, and 4 Kaju people; Me, my son John, Prof. Lee Manibog, and another Leeward Kenpo Blackbelt.

    On the other hand, it was a very personal, informal, occasion where you could feel the reverance for this great man and his legacy by this small group.

    Mr. Bill Chun Jr. gave some inspiring words about the late Professor Chow. A prayer was said in Hawaiian by a nephew, then a Maili Lei was placed around the wall mounted plaque. Each member then individually came up and gave a bow of respect to his memory.

    On the plaque, I recognized 4 names from Kajukenbo that supported this: Sijo, GM Emil Bautista, GM Joe Davis, and Wilfrid Peladeau.

    Sigung Jason Groff "
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  9. BGile

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    Thanks for the information John.

    After I was reading about the dedication, I decided to look at the website of Leeward Kenpo and then that led me to read about Martin Buell.

    Pretty impressive credentials. Any side bits of information you can give about this man?

    Jamie, I bought the second book that Gm Sam wrote regarding Ki and Internal power. So now I have his thoughts about what Kara Ho is about and breaking bricks. One thing is an interesting look see is on page's 90-93 about breaking pieces of cement and sand brick, supported by glass's, the brick's broke and the glass's did not...

    I'll have to read it but first I have to finish another really interesting book about the cane and its use in defense.

    The Book:
    Written by A.C. Cunningham 1912 and a rewrite 2006. The information is good, the man was a real talant. He wrote a drill manuel for the US Navy about Sabres and Bayonet in 1906. The book is a must for those who like that sort of thing.

    "The Fighting Gaul" is a trophy that was donated by Ambassador from France for the efforts of the team that were put together that represented the US in that era for Sabre fencing (fighting).

    I am mentioning this for those who know about the "savate" that Godin brought to the art's which are known as a very good martial art. Some say it came from Asia when the french were there, hundreds of years before. Others don't feel that way, figure it goes back to the Gaul's and staff fighting,(celts, druids) very old...Savate was/is known more for the kicks but it had many things in it.

    Might be something others are interested in, so I am menitioning it, a gem of a book.


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